It was dark. Pitch black dark. She was all alone, she just knew it. And that scared her more than the darkness.

Her name was Laraine. With light brown hair, light brown eyes, and a medium build for a girl, she could not see anything. Not even her hand in front of her. Without being able to feel through her senses, she would probably not know any part of her was there.

'Keep calm' she told herself. She knew she needed to keep her mind stable,but that was easier said than done. The point of being alone was being alone. And when you were alone, no one was there.

And that terrified her.

It sent her feelings numb and her thoughts turned loud. And that was bad, for her thoughts only surrounded The Voice.

'Speaking of it,' she thought, perplexed, 'I wonder where the voice is?'

The whole situation was quite strange. The Voice was always there. She imagined she should be relieved. But, then again, how could she be completely relieved? The Voice disappearing was stranger than it reappearing. It raised more questions than giving answers. It gave no relief. It only gave uncertainty.

But she guessed that was what The Voice was about. Well, besides trying to get her to commit suicide. The Voice was there to confuse her. To make her uncertain.

'But none of that is the point,' she reminded her self. The point was how she was feeling.

But that was strangest part of all. She was felling...... normal. Well, as normal as one could in complete darkness. Not even normal, though. For her normal was suicidal.

So she was feeling okay for once? 'That's even stranger,' she thought.

Strange. That was it. That was how she felt. Strange. Different. But why?

"Because you can't be alone now," said a voice throughout the darkness.

A voice? No! The Voice.

"You no longer depend on others. You no longer need them," said The Voice.

"You can't be alone."

Depend on others? Not alone?

"What do you mean? Why are you..." she stated, but trailed off.

And she remembered what her sister had said.

"Depend on yourself, not others. That way, you won't be alone."

Everyone eventually leaves. If she depends on others, they will leave her. Then she'll be alone.

But if she depends on herself, she'll never be alone.

Because she'll never leave herself.

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