What Remains: Vestiges
(take three)

by, Cassandra

When confidence faded,
and beauty betrayed,
she closed her eyes
and dreamed of the day
when she'd be able
to say "I'm okay"
with a smile
on her face.

When the Sun fell asleep
in the middle of the day,
the fears came out to play.
They whispered words
of love, of hate...
she couldn't help but

When the tears she cried
nurtured the doubt inside,
it sunk it's roots
deep into her eyes…
everyone knew;
she lost the will
to try.

When roses bloomed,
more thorns than
blood red petals,
people forgot
to look beyond
the beauty for
the thicket.

With blood on her hands,
and a price too high to pay,
she laughed to the Skies,
and whisper, whispered,
whispers "I'm okay."

She found herself
in the ashes.

A/n: how it started. all three are pretty much the same poem, just written in different povs, tenses. I felt like posting all of them.