He softly touches your cheek

My eye twitches as I stare with envy

Wanting nothing to be the one

Wrapping my arms around you

His hands move down to your waste

And I cringe while gritting my teeth

I know that you're just his recent flavor

He doesn't love you like I do

Doesn't know you like I do...

I stand as still as possible

Trying not to give it away

That what he is doing is bothering me

You've known for a long time

That I've loved you

But you chose not to see

I'm just your best friend right?

Nothing more...

Now as I stand looking at you from afar

Tilting your chin up

Looking into your eyes

He moves in to kiss you

Before exploding with rage I look away

If I was to have an outburst

It would only upset you

You're happy with him

I don't want to interfere with that

But as he kisses you

I feel my heart being ripped apart


I know that you will never see me

And its best if you don't

I am nothing but one filled

With confusion and darkness

A tragedy waiting to happen..

Then again...

I am your best friend

Best to stay your best friend

And keep this pain to myself...