Why One Should Never Stare

She didn't know his name, but he had the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen in her life. They were a dark blue hue tinged in a darker green. They were lovely.

Almost as lovely as the word lovely.

However he wouldn't talk to her, he would just stare at her whenever they were near each other.

It was most disconcerting.

Especially because she didn't like being stared at, even if the person had the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

She attempted to speak to him once, to ask why he stared at her and she wasn't very surprised when he didn't say anything.

He merely smiled secretively and brushed past her.

She wasn't surprised, but she didn't like it either.

She knew he wasn't mute, she'd heard his voice before, slightly scratchy and deep, a nice voice.

So why didn't he speak to her? It made her self-conscious when people stared at her, and then on top of that wouldn't speak to her?

It was irritating, and she didn't take irritation well.

So one morning, while she was eating breakfast at a diner and he was outside, staring at her, she stared back.

It was a staring competition to end all staring competitions.

Of course, since he was very skilled in the art of staring, she lost.

But the staring competition wasn't the only thing she lost.

Placing down her knife, she stood up and calmly walked outside.

She asked him, again, why he didn't talk to her, and when he didn't reply, she stabbed him with her fork.

A/N: Don't ask.

Honestly. I think I (subconsciously) want to fail my exams, I have two days of study before my American Politics exam and instead of cramming I'm writing strange, strange pieces...

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