Cookies and Milk

Fresh-baked cookies
Straight from the oven, one
Melting moment of sweet satisfaction
As I ponder over the day.
(Tick, tock, tick, tock)
Some things had gone as planned whilst
Others were twice as bad.
I chew my fresh-baked cookies, and I
Thought through my life. I think
Life could have been what I wanted it to be
(Could have worked a whole lot better)
If I had tried a little harder. If I had
Taken that very last step, if I hadn't
Grew lazy from it all.
I take another cookie,
(Should have added more sugar)
Washed it down with ice-cold milk.
I vow to try a little more, to stop
Failure slicing through my skin,
And bleeding me to death.
(The pain is killing me)
But as I take the last cookie, the TV
Blares a new movie. I sit up straight,
Drain the last of my milk,
And head over to the couch.
Refreshing my life could wait
For just another day.