Xeiana: All elements of this short story all belong to me except Shadowstar who belongs to a friend of mine. This does relate to a novel idea of mine.

A soft whine broke the silence of the late afternoon when two feline Razorbacks were patrolling the edges of their territory. The scruffy old black male paused, his ears swiveling to catch the sound again while his silver eyes flickered around the area. His companion, a dark tan female, called Shadowstar, emitted a growl that emitted deep from within her chest. Her yellow eyes scanned the area for the creature that made the sound. Through her body language, she told the black Razorback, Rakt, what the sound was, a Bloodmane, but it was a cub, and she knew it could be just as dangerous.

"Bloodmanes would never abandon their cubs without good reason. They, like us, only bare cubs once in a few years..." he muttered to her, as the sound came again, this time more desperate. His ears caught the cry and his gaze fell on the base of a big elegant oak tree, whose ancient silvery bark seemed to glimmer in the fading sunlight. At the base there was a small cave-like crevice naturally created by the tangled roots. Two shining gray eyes peered out at them as a small body cowered in fear.

"Bloodmane!" she snarled in human language, baring her teeth. Rakt silenced her with a stern look. He then looked back at the small Bloodmane cub, a small smile on his maw as he slowly lowered himself down onto the ground in a comfortable position.

"It's all right little Rash'na. There's no need to be afraid of old Ten-tia." he purred. Shadowstar immediately knew what Rash'na meant, from her teachings when she was a mere cub, it meant 'child' in the Razorback society long ago, a word that hasn't been used in a long time. Rakt had also used the nickname that the small Razorback cubs called him, which meant 'ancient one'. The small cub inched forward a bit until part of his head was visible. The sunlight hit his eyes, and they suddenly changed color. They weren't gray anymore. They were a brilliant emerald green.

"My, my, what a special one you are. I've never seen eyes as beautiful as yours, little one. Come and I will show the others how remarkable you are." Rakt said. Shadowstar stared at Rakt in alarm, as though he had lost his mind. The cub looked around, scared, and then darted across the gap between the two, and curled up, trembling, against Rakt's chest.

"Do not worry little Rash'na. You will be safe with me..... Tythis.... Yes, that would be a handsome name for you." He said, gently picking up the small cub in his mouth. He and Shadowstar slowly made their way back to the dens, as night was falling very quickly.