A world of lies, a world of truth
I've got something, but can I tell it to you?
(I'd tell you a secret, but could you keep it?)
A world of hope, world of dreams
Trust me, everything's not as it seems
(I'd tell you a secret, but could you keep it?)

This feeling in me I cannot explain
Why can't I feel the cooling rain of peace within?
When will relief begin?


From the darkness in my soul, I just want to be made whole
Who can I trust, for I know I must speak my mind, speak my heart
Somewhere the healing's got to start
But who can I tell of this yearning to again be well
Can't someone help, please?
Right now all I can see are reflections of darkness

A world of life, a world of death
Slowly suffocating with each passing breath
(I'll tell you a secret if you can keep it)
A world of ice, world of fire
No one in whom to confide my desire
(I'll tell you a secret, if you can keep it)

All I want is to find someone who
Will be there for me when I need them to
A loyal friend
When will the hurting end?


All that I want, all that I need
Help still the pain that's burning in me
Am I looking in the wrong place?
Will I ever find in this world a compassionate face?

(Illusion, delusion - from this who can save me?
Abandon, destruction - from these please release me
Throw open the doors
, just let me out
Rescue me from all these shadows of doubt)

[Chorus x2]

A world of calm, a world of peace
Finally, I can feel my despair cease
(Can I tell you a secret? I know you'll keep it)
A world I know, world I see
At last, the way out is clear to me
(Can I tell you a secret? I know you'll keep it (repeat)

(Let me tell you a secret; I know you'll keep it (repeat)