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20 January, Year of Our Lord 1338

Dearest Uncle, William de Bracey, Lord of Dieppe

I write to call upon your good graces at this, my time of need. As you well know, Father is now two years passed and I am in control of his lands and other holdings. This includes the keep of my father's youngest child, your niece, Edana.

Edana is petulant, controlling and uncouth—even with others more high born than she. No man will marry her; she will have no man. My new wife is at wits end trying to run the household while Edana is here subjugating her position. As you also know, I was never fond of my father's second wife, may her soul be saved. To look upon Edana is to look upon my stepmother. It pains me greatly. It seems my father, in his sickly condition in the last years of his life, let Edana do as she wished and it has spoiled her something most foul.

Because of the current climate here in Scotland, and my continued required presence in diplomatic undertakings, I cannot possibly try to control her properly. I ask that you receive her as your ward and do with her as you see fit. Marry her off, teach her a few lessons, break her. I wash my hands of her if you so choose to undertake this task. If not, it is to a nunnery with her. If you do, I thank you.

Your nephew, Sir Andrew de Moray


24 March, Year of Our Lord 1338


We too are in the throes of conflict, myself especially as we fend off the English to protect our ports and to protect your king, now residing just a few days' ride away. If you still see fit to send her, do so. As I am wifeless and childless, I could use someone to run the household while I see to military matters. While you were unable to marry her off, I believe I may have a few suitors that may do the post credibly and tame her enough to be marriageable. This is not to mention the alliances that could be made for our family.

Please send her dower along with her so that I may contract these things appropriately.