With feelings of emotion,

standing here sheriff waiting for your call

wondering when you'll tell me who it was

eating hearts drinking blood

at passion's killing floor


where all of reality dies and

the act comes alive

as you stand in front of me now

and i speak my lines

so well improvised from

my subconscious mind

You trust and believe as I deceive.

I can't stop

that is my ill factor

I can't stop the lies

those who live to deceive

have no heart and no feeling

they can be loved but can't love

Because what will be lost is trust.
Time and time again
I've done this ill-soothing thing
to people I want
They can't hear that side of me
I know what to say, and when to say it
like socrates I play the fool not the fortunate
But I am so fortunate.
Socrates reads them
and tells me to step aside
Therein lies another me
which no one can see.
Oh Socrates
you burden me so..
I've found one that I truly love
and yet you see her as deceiving
We are deceiving love
Can't you see? I'm the mad one
Not she!
It is me that deserves to burn
for all that she's suffered for
For I am false you see.
I don't want to kill my beloved
I don't want to kill my
I don't want to kill...
I don't want to..
I don't want..
I don't...
I must kill you.
I've done It sheriff. Now to kill you!!