by Serina Subterfuge

One night as I lay awake on my bed,

God bent down and kissed my forehead.

He told me everything'd be okay and I didn't need to worry.

Then the wonderful happened—He showed me his mercy.

I told Him I missed Him, and He said He was always there,

and that I had been too distracted to notice or care.

Tears of realization, guilt, and sadness found their way out of my eyes,

as they slid off my face, washing away all the lies.

He was so kind, so loving, so forgiving,

I couldn't figure out why I ever forgot about Him.

I had found him once, only to lose Hi again,

but He was so faithful, He waited for me patiently till the end.

He assured me of His presence, and I know He's still here,

He covered me with a blanket and told me there was nothing to fear.

He gave me a pen and a notebook to write down everything,

so that a new life could be found for those who have been sinning.

Then He told me to rest and to never forget,

that there too are others who live lives of regret.

So I closed me eyes and had the sweetest of dream,

and from then till now, my vision of Him has never dimmed.