Turning the Hourglass

by Serina Subterfuge

Two triangles joined together,

balancing themselves at their tips.

A whirlpool of sand falls down,

creating a desert dune underneath.

But the sand is out of the ordinary.

There isn't anything else on Earth like this.

Streaked colors of red, blue, green,

and gold descend,

leaving the top

triangle quite



encloses these

triangles is glass,

smooth and transparent like water.

This glass protects the sands of time

from escaping,

preventing anything from entering.

Who said time was gold? Who said time was treasure?

How foolish those people are that they cannot see,

how time is present in the simplest of things.

Time is life. That cannot change.

This is life. It has always been the same.

The sands of time are almost finished.

Now watch out for the most exciting part—

The hourglass turning!