The Façade

I put this mask on everyday,

to see if I can keep

myself away from you and me,

to hide very carefully.

I hide for a friendly game of hide-and-seek,

not realizing that humans cannot see.

Lost myself,

could not be found.

Just stayed put behind the mind.

I take the mask off occasionally.

Have problems of departing

the growing addiction

in which I am hiding.

And one day as I took it off,

I found that I could not.

For it had stuck itself to me,

enslaved me and protected me.

I no longer have pleasant dreams,

for I share mine with those of the mask—

the nightmare it has been through,

in every body's past.

Constantly, those nightmares

seize to corrupt its mind,

as it had once accomplished in me,

until the end of time.