A Villain Accepted

A salute I did give

to that uniformed man,

with a badge of courage,

and a gun at his hand.

A thankless job he led—

that salute was my thanks,

to remind him of duty,

the source of his grace.

He smiled a weary, tired smile,

and returned the salute.

An hour later he was dead,

he had only one thing to lose.

He died a hero,

with a smile on his face—

he remembered the sign,

that had sealed his fate.

He was never a villain,

he protected us all,

and they didn't know it,

till they got the call.

I didn't want to kill him.

Trust me, I didn't.

But someone had to,

so forgive me for the sin.

I didn't want him to change—

to corrupt and become villain.

It was just about time

before evil got to him.

I made a hero today.

I had stopped evil.

But what was the catch?

I became villain.