Do you know that feeling you get when something big is about to happen? Imagine that but add the fact that there will be over a hundred vampires involved who are very much capable of destroying you. It could complicate things a bit. That was why I hesitated before entering the Dimswitch mansion. What would I find within? Thatcher's death had been a tragedy for us all but sometimes events such as death and loss can have disasterous outcomes. Would my new family blame me? After all, if I hadn't been born, this whole mess wouldn't have existed. Then again, if it didn't happen now, it would have anyway in the next ten, fifty, or even a hundred years. This event would have been unavoidable.

With that thought in mind, Nicholas and I strode into the mansion to find several pairs of eyes staring back at us, both vampire and human. But they were not hostile. In fact, they were looking at the two of us with so much respect that I almost had to turn around to make sure they were looking at us and not someone else. There was nobody behind me.

"To the future," Harold said, holding up a wine glass half filled with blood. There was a murmer of agreement that rumbled through the room and everyone drank from their own glasses. Jewel appeared out of nowhere with a cup for Nicholas and me. He grasped it and held it up.

"To Thatcher," He called out. Nicholas squeezed me close as the room filled with applause. I planted a kiss on his smooth cheek.

Yes, the future looked very bright. Thatcher would be proud.