how could i feel more vast
than this already consumption of space
withered in italics all crumpled notes
and fists banged against the dirty green
sky. she could hear my loss stealing into
collective white boundaries, fill my
way into defined skies, do you steal
this limb of sanity for you, to juggle
with impersonations, tides inking
through a marriage of lost causes,
undefined, left to puzzle, here i sit
scattered with forest teeth to settle
me apart, rejection too easy a term
to swallow and rage falls like meteor
showers across the spring of hands
that structure a moon to stop me--
you should have known i'd
use that to my advantage. i am after
all your clever clever child who
fails to clock her potential in her mind's
churning chambers. i've tastes this
laced success of yours and it isn't
enough mother. it really isn't.