Blue Garden.

Elisa, Elisa,
my dear.. Elisa,
I know you're sitting
on that dirt swing..

Swinging, swinging,
sing me your song.

Elisa, Elisa,
my dear and divine Elisa,
I know you force a smile as
the leaves fall from the trees,
your heart's been broken again.

Elisa, Elisa,
my dear, divine and gracious Elisa,
who are you waiting for?
Will he come at night
to steal a kiss from you
when the first star dies?

Die, please, die,
you'll be forever beautiful
like the forgotten dream
buried in my rotten heart.

Elisa, Elisa,
my dear, divine, gracious
and miserable Elisa,
your sigh touches my skin.. It's like
a poisoned pleasure running through my veins,
now I'm addicted to your sadness,
let's be sad in these happy days.

La, la, la, la, yea..
Take a tea.. La, la

Elisa, Elisa, do you know why
this place is called blue garden?

You know, you know, don't tease
my naivety Elisa,
we were little and lonely poor girls
who cut our hearts into pieces
to feed our monsters within,
every sweet tear shined
before falling from our closed eyes…

You.. You left me fall on the leaves from that gray autumn,
the scratch in my china face it seemed a tear
as you ran away from our dolls house.

Why? Why? Elisa, you came in the ballroom and
that man with a bright mask invited you to dance
but you disliked that waltz... Slow... Even... Bored,
you felt threads tying you tightly.

Sad roses were born... And I
found a black rose for your dead love,
roses and roses, Elisa,
let's dream of our prince..

.. In our Blue Garden

.... Elisa.