Hello! I hope you like this one from yours truly! I spent a long time writing this and I hope the plot is good. Enjoy! :D

"It's your entire fault!" Tyren shouted to herself. Tears streamed down her rosy cheeks as she buried her face between her legs. She sat on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably.

She tried to forget. She really did. But the harder she tried, the more she remembered. The memory was forever etched to the back of her mind, unable to dissolve away like the rest of her thoughts. As Tyren reached out for her tissue box, she accidentally knocked into the framed photograph, causing it to fall face-up on the carpeted floor.

Tyren glanced over at the photograph. He…He was there. He had an arm around Tyren's shoulder, cheekily posing for the camera. She could remember how happy they were that day. He had his first bicycle and he had invited her over for a celebration.

Little did Tyren knew, that picture might have been their last…

"You can't catch me!"

"Oh yes I can!"

Randall chuckled as he ran as fast as he could to the playground. Tyren chased after him, panting heavily as she caught up. Randall then pointed to the other side of the street, "The park's just there!"

Tyren grinned, "What are you waiting for? Let's go!"

"But wait! The green man isn't lighted just yet!" Randall yelled out to Tyren, but the latter was already making her way across the road. Randall had a worried look spread across his face as he watched his best friend walk out to the open street.

"Look out!" Randall raced towards Tyren, shoving her away.


The deafening sound rang through her ears as a shiver ran down her spine. It all happened so fast, Tyren was unable to react in time.

Then, it hit her.

Tyren caught the sight of Randall lying on the cold, hard floor, a pool of blood surrounding his distorted body. His face was pale and smeared with blood. As she drew closer, she saw blood oozing down the side of the wreckage.

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt burning, hot tears fill her beautiful hazel eyes.

"S-somebody! Please, help him!" She shouted. Tyren covered her mouth in shock. Without thinking twice, she went down on her knees and wrapped her slender arms around her friend, "You'll be fine. You've got to hang in there!" Her voice croaked as she whispered into his ear…

Tyren hated herself for everything. If she had listened to Randall, if she did not jaywalked, nothing like this would have happened. Randall would not have to push her out of the way… and he would not be in a coma.


Tyren's cell phone vibrated as she gingerly picked it up from her dressing table.

"Y-yes?" Tyren was still crying as she answered the phone.

"He couldn't be dead… Could he?" She muttered under her breath, her heart at her throat.

"It's Randall! He's awake!"

As soon as she heard her mother exclaim, she wiped away her tears and grabbed her coat, leaving the quiet house as she heard her heart pounding faster with every step she took.

She smiled.

'He's alive.'

The end! I hope it was nice and not crappy. Reviews are, of course, greatly appreciated :))