Hidden Inside your Glass Cage

I see you hiding behind the glass,
Lust one of your facades.
As your health is slipping away,
The puppet strings fall from the rod.

Behind the act you've put together,
To fool those that you love.
Your heart and soul are raging war,
As peace is sent above.

Your face is sallow with the pain,
And yet you also seem so pale.
As the battle rages on,
One force will have to fail.

You get up on that broken stage,
And there you take a chance.
Quickly putting on a mask,
You start to sing and dance.

But as the disguise starts to fade,
The stage is set to rot.
And as the audience slips away,
It sends you into thought.

Your heart and soul stops to help,
To aid you in your quest.
As the three of you collaborate,
Your heart is set to rest.

The soul put up a lot of fight,
As it still battles so.
But when it raises shield and sword,
You scream one answer, NO!

With a fist wrapped in a shirt,
You pummel your glass cage.
As the sense to run, escape,
Fuels your courageous rage.

As a slick sweat coats your limbs,
You fight all the harder.
If it was between you and fate,
You'd use your soul to barter.

With a crack and triumphant smile,
The cage shatters on one side.
You clamber out, whoop with joy,
Then run from the world to hide.

As when you follow the example,
Of the rest of society.
You lose the glowing pallor,
That makes individuals; you and me.

In your cage of glass no longer,
Your cutting into the overgrown.
To make a personality; you,
A person all the world should know.