Chapter Six

The next day Andria went to school as though nothing had happened the night before, something she'd become accustomed to over the years. Though the situation with her father was still on her mind, it held little to no space in comparison to her thoughts about Derrick.

First block had just ended and students quickly began filing out of the classrooms. With five minutes until second block and having no need for her locker since it was only the second day of school, Andria decided to waste some time and go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was full of people, as it always was in between classes and most, like Andria, had no actual need for the facilities; just somewhere for them to waste time before their next class.

With people coming in and out of the restroom, Andria sat her notebook on top of the paper towel dispenser and then leaned against the wall beside it.

She hadn't seen Derrick at all so far and though it was still early in the morning, she became anxious to hear from him if for nothing else but to confirm that everything from the day before hadn't been just a dream. Curious of the time, Andria pulled out her cell phone.

"Still four minutes to go." she thought sighing as she closed her phone and put it back in its case on the side of her hip. "I guess I can go on to class. I'll get there just a couple minutes early, but I'd be doing the same thing there that I am here."

Andria pushed herself off of the wall, grabbed her notebook, and headed back into the congested hallway.

It took her less than a minute to reach her classroom and when she arrived, to no surprise, she was the first one there; not even the teacher had shown up yet.

Following what had been a tradition for her over the past few years, Andria went took a seat next to a window and tuned out the noise in the hallway, ignoring everything but her dreams.

"Good morning." someone said entering the room.

"Oh, good morning Mr. O'Neil."

"Day two." he said then took a seat on top of his desk at the front of the classroom and watched as his students slowly entered the room; Andria now back looking out of the window.

In a few short minutes, the bell rang and all of the students were in their seats, watching their teacher as he looked back at the class; his legs swaying carefree over the edge of his desk.

"Okay, well," Mr. O'Neil started only to be interrupted by a knock at the open door. He watched as the person approached him and handed him a note, then nodded his head and once again began speaking. "Well, day two and..."

Andria had been listening to Mr. O'Neil, but something about the way that leaf blew around the courtyard seemed slightly more fascinating. As she continued intently following the leaf, she was pushed roughly on the shoulder and angrily turned away from the window only to be looking at Derrick.

"You-." she started anxiously then remembered where she was and quickly bit her lips to keep herself from speaking as well as to hold in her excitement.

"Shh." he seemed to be saying as her brought a finger to his lips and continued walking past her, taking a seat diagonally behind her on the next row.

"Welcome to Musical History and Interpretation!" Mr. O'Neil said as he slammed his hands to the desk on either side of him, pushing himself upwards, springing from the desk; he seemed to have a lot of energy for a teacher. "Alright, so who can tell me what this class is?" he asked as he jumped from on top of his desk looking out into the class.

After a few moments of silence, he decided to repeat his question.

"Anybody? Nobody knows what this class is?"

This time, a guy towards the front of the class rose his hand.

"Okay you, thank you; and your name is?"


"Alright Chris, so exactly what is this class?" Mr. O'Neil asked leaning against his desk again.

"Students enrolled in Musical History and Interpretation are expected too..."

"Whoa! Wait, wait, wait. I know what the course book says but I want to know what you think it is."

"Oh," Chris started then slouched back down in his chair, "Well, then...uh, I don't know."

"Okay, well what do you expect from this class?"


"Um? Okay, well why did you sign up?"

"Well....I heard Ms. Jenkins was easy." he replied shrugging his shoulders.

An expression of shock was clearly apparent on Mr. O'Neil's face, but this look was quickly dismissed and replaced with a smile.

"Okay, one by one," he started as he moved to the side of the classroom closes to the door, "I wanna know why each of you signed up for this class."

The answers he received were amusing to say the least. Plenty had signed up because of Ms. Jenkins being an easy teacher, even more signed up because of MHI being a cake class, then there was Andria.

"Andria, why did you sign up?" Mr. O'Neil asked as he turned to face her.

"I like music..." she answered plainly.

This, perhaps, shocked him more than an of the other answers.

"Oh...well, alright then." he said unsure of how to respond, the rest of the class thus far had joined the class for such selfish and unmotivated reasons, hearing that somebody actually wanted to be in the class was shocking to say the least. "And what about you..." he asked continuing down the row.

Within seconds, he came across Derrick.

"So, why did you join, or I guess transfer to this class, Mr. ..."

"Derrick," he replied plainly, "My name's Derrick and transferred because my best friend is in here." he said casually glancing at Andria, who had now turned around, a smile resting on both of their faces.

"Okay, and who is this friend that convinced you to join us?" Mr. O'Neil asked, glancing across the back of the room where the majority of the other males had taken seats.

"Actually, Dria didn't convince me to join, as a matter of fact, she didn't even know I'd be here till I walked in." Derrick said smiling, winking at Andria.

"Ah, so you and Miss Campbell, eh?" Mr. O'Neil asked, casually turning to face Andria, then back at Derrick.

"Yup, best friends."

"Okay, so, she's the only reason you joined the class? No interest in music?"

"I like music, not enough to wanna take a class on it, but who actually wants to take classes?" Derrick asked, earning laughs from a few other students, "Yeah, I guess she's the only reason."

"Alright then." Mr. O'Neil replied then continued with the rest of the class.

Eventually, he finished receiving his answers and left the class sitting in an awkward silence as he placed himself back on top of his desk.

"So, alright show of hands; how many of you think this class is useless?" Mr. O'Neil asked, then watched as a hands flew up. "Alright, and how many of you think that music isn't important?" he watched as a few more went up. "Okay, now, how many of you have had sex?"


"Come on, seriously, how many of you have had sex?"

The class eyed him in shock, then looked around at each other to verify what they thought they had heard.

"Listen, there's no law against having sex, I'm not asking who you've been with, or how many times you've done it." Mr. O'Neil said pausing to look around the class. "So again, show of hands, how many of you have had sex?"

Slowly, hands started going up into the air, starting with the clowns in the back.

People immediately started looking around the rooms, finding out information about their peers. There was no way to tell who was telling the truth; some hands stayed down but it's quite possible that they wanted to protect their reputation, and some of the hands that went up could have quite possibly been up simply to build a reputation.

One of the last hands to go up, and only barely after much debate was Andria's.

"What the hell?" Derrick asked himself, noticing that Andria's hand was up, his own hand having been one of the first up along with those of the clowns in the back.

"Alright, alright." Mr. O'Neil said, musing at the results. "And how many of you have had music playing when you were having sex?"

A few of the original hands went down, Andria's included.

"Ummhmm, and why have sex with music?" He asked looking out to the class. "Anyone care to speculate?"

"To set the mood!" Someone called from the back of the room, masking their voice and making it unidentifiable but still earning many laughs and giggles from the rest of the class.

"To set the mood? Does everyone agree?"


"That's exactly right, to set the mood. And what does music do to set the mood?" He asked.


"Come on, don't die on me now!" Mr. O'Neil said as he jumped up from his desk. "Think! Why play music? To set the mood. So what does music do to set the mood?"


"Alright, will an essay on the subject help you all answer?"

"Because the music sounds good." Someone replied, a fear of work apparently jogging an answer from their minds.

"Sounds good and..." Mr. O'Neil replied, apparently looking for more.


"Alright," Mr. O'Neil said, massaging his temples in frustration. "Let's think about this and break it down a little further. Okay, we established that the majority of you play music when you're having sex to set the mood, right? Okay then, who can define 'mood'?"

"Uh, how you feel?" Chris replied.

"Exactly, so, what kind of music do you play to set the mood?"

"Something slow..."

"No-no, something really fast..."

"Anything instrumental..."

"No! The lyrics are the best part..."

"Now we're getting somewhere." Mr. O'Neil said quietly to himself, watching as his class argued over the subject. "Alright, alright," he said a little louder. "Does anyone have and answer for the questions, how does music set the mood and what kind of music sets the mood? Extra credit for whoever gets it right. Oh! And nothing you all have said so far in regards to those questions have been right, so think about it.

After a few moments, a hand slowly went into the air.

"Yes Miss Campbell?"

"Well sir, both of the questions go hand in hand."

"Okay, please explain."

"Well, we established that your mood is how you feel, so the type of music that sets the mood is depends on how you're feeling or what kind of feeling you're aiming to create. Music is diverse and can have different meanings as well as having the ability to evict different emotions from people. That being said, music sets the mood based on it's being and it's genre and the genre of music varies based on individuals, sir.

Mr. O'Neil along with the rest of the class stared at Andria in disbelief, causing her to feel unbelievably uncomfortable, but who was she to pass up extra credit? She shifted in her seat and swallowed a lump in her throat as she awaited a response.

Mr. O'Neil blinked a few more times in disbelief, then smiled and began to clap his hands. "Very nice Miss Campbell, that's exactly right!" he replied, "Maybe there's hope for this class after all." he thought to himself before getting up and approaching a bookcase near his desk. "Now for everyone's favorite part of class, homework!"

Groans echoed throughout the room.

"Yeah yeah, I know everyone loves homework." He said taking a stack of the books off of the shelf. "Alright, everyone come up, grab a book, look inside and see the number then write it next to your name on this sheet." He said waving a piece of paper to the class. "Your homework is to read the first three chapters, alright? Enjoy the rest of your day!"

The class followed his instructions about the books and by the time everyone finished, the bell was ringing,

"Alright, have a good day everyone." Mr. O'Neil called from his desk, "Oh! Andria, do you have a minute?"

"Oh, um, sure Mr. O'Neil." She replied, glancing at Derrick who had been waiting for her at the door. "Sorry." She mouthed towards him, to which he poked out his lips playfully an nodded before heading out of the door and continuing down the hall. "Yes sir?" Andria asked as she approached his desk.

"Ugh...alright ma'am." he replied playfully, hinting again for her to stop calling him sir. "I just wanted to say thanks for your participation in class today and for answering those questions so well. You're getting your extra credit, I just figured I'll make a note of it and save it for when or if you need it later on; although I doubt you will. How does that sound?"

"Sounds great Mr. O'Neil." She said smiling then glanced at the clock. "Uh, is there anything else,, I mean Mr. O'Neil."

"Nope that's it. Andria, is something wrong? I mean you know I'll write you a hall pass since I'm the one holding you up."

His comment caused her to chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, it's just I got detention after I left yesterday for being in the hall after the bell.

"Wait, but I gave you a pass yesterday, didn't I?"

"Yes sir, but according to Ms. Thompson, there's no teacher at the school named O'Neil."

"Andria..." Mr. O'Neil started off quietly, waving his finger, indicating for her to come closer, "Can you see me?"

"Yes." She replied, chuckling.

"And can you hear me?"


"I thought so," he said then grabbed her hand, "And you can feel me, right?"

"Yes, I can feel you." she chuckled, finding his display amusing.

"That being said, I'm pretty sure I exist." he sighed.

"Sounds right to me."

"When are you supposed to have detention?"

"This afternoon."

"Alright, don't worry about it, just let me handle Ms. Thompson." he chuckled as he stood up. "So, where are you going now?"

"Uh, the library."

"That's right, free period."


"Okay, let's go." he said as he began walking towards the door.


"Well, I wrote you a pass yesterday and you still ended up with detention, so, I'm making sure you get there without any trouble today."

"Oh, alright, thanks." she said quietly then headed out the door and down the hall only to be met with the clicking hills of Ms. Thompson.

"Miss Campbell!" Ms. Thompson started out harshly, "I hope you don't intend to make this a habit this year; being caught tardy in the hallway with another guy every day!"

Andria's mouth dropped at the words of Ms. Thompson and what she was insisting, but what could she say that wouldn't get her in more trouble?

"And you young man!" Ms. Thompson started again, now directing her attention towards Mr. O'Neil, "What class should you be in?"

"Actually ma'am, I'm on my planning period and I was just escorting Andria here to the library. It appears there were some teachers that were unaware of my presence a the school and she got detention yesterday, so I just wanted to see to it that she made it to her destination without any trouble." Mr. O'Neil said as he handed Ms. Thompson his school badge, verifying his identification as a teacher at the school, smiling charmingly as he did.

"Oh...alright then..." She replied eyeing his badge, obviously skeptical of his age.

"That being said, I believe it would be unjust to have Andria here serve the detention you assigned yesterday, right?" He asked coolly.

Andria watched the scene unfold in disbelief. Mr. O'Neil spoke so eloquently and with such confidence when addressing Ms. Thompson, that Andria had to remind herself of his age and how he actually spoke when in the classroom. He appeared to be a completely different person, while still managing to hold on to that extra bit of arrogance that gave him an edge over others. An even bigger shock was how rare it was for anyone to shut Ms. Thompson up, her being the headstrong and arrogant person she is, but it was turning out that Carnell O'Neil was not just anyone.

A few more words between the two went unnoticed by Andria as she continued her thoughts, only to be awaken by a hand waving in front of her face.

"Andria, hello?" Mr. O'Neil called out, eyeing the girl skeptically.

"Oh, yes sir?" Andria said, shaking her head from her thoughts.

"Alright Alexandria," he said deliberately pronouncing her whole name then quickly took it back, swearing that he could physically see her get sick.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled, apologizing for her use of the 's' word.

"No problem," he chuckled hesitantly, "I trust you can make it to the library on your own now that the hall situation has been cleared?"

"Yes Mr. O'Neil, thank you." She said then continued down the hall way, headed towards the library.

"No problem." He replied casually as he turned back to his own classroom. "See you in class tomorrow!"

Andria waved back in response but didn't turn around.

"Well, it looks like I'll have at least one good student." Mr. O'Neil thought to himself as he continued to his room.