I'll Survive

When I was small you wouldn't hold me

I grew older and you ignored me

I was such a disappointment

We didn't talk.

I'm an adult now

Doesn't matter

You're still controlling me.

You say you want me out of your life,

But when I go, you demand to know why I wasn't there.

In that unforgiving place

Where no one even notices me anymore.

You're happily paving the way for others,

But never mind me

I'm not here.

Except when I do something wrong in your eyes

You try to turn everyone against me.

Humiliate me

Hurt me

Nothing is ever good enough.

I like to think I'm strong

Though you can reduce me to tears like no one else.

You're crushing me

I don't know you

And I don't think I ever want to.

You helped make me into what I am

I hope you know that when you look at me.

I was your first born

But you never treated me like a daughter.

Couldn't you say you were proud just once?

But never mind me

I'll survive.