It's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The challenge is to write 50,000 novel by midnight November 30th. I've started a bit late and I don't think I'm going to meet it, but I haven't written in a while. (:

Warnings: Mpreg, yaoi/mxm/male slash/shounen ai, there will be polygamy, there will be gods and the devil and angels and demons. There maybe a little bit of…underage sex going on. Maybe a lot. Not really shota. I won't really go into it too much if they're under fourteen. However, if you do not enjoy some of these things (ie, polygamy, mpreg, incest) there is a list at the end of this author's note of which chapters you can skip to avoid them! And yes, it is possible to read this story while skipping chapters.. Though you might not know who a character is in a later chapter because of this! And I'm not really going to stop to explain..

Like I said, there will be gods, the devil, angels, demons. There will also be nekos, vampires, spirits, aliens and so on and so forth. I have quite a few characters that I've been working on, mostly fantasy, and this story will be stories of all of them. There's magic and so on and so forth. Fantasy is so much more fun, isn't it?

This may seem like a few stories thrown under the title of one. …That pretty much is it. However, most of the characters do relate to each other in one way or another. And I might jump back and forth between the past and present! I'm not a fan of writing about what's happened in the past, but I feel it's necessary to get it all written down. As with Pixie Sticks each chapter title will be the title of a song.

I read this really good yaoi called Heavenly Body by Takashi Kanzaki. You should get it! My angels are loosely based off of the angels in that manga. They're selfish and.. I believe the wording was "in heat all year long." Not all the angles are like that. I expanded the idea and so on and so forth.

If MPREG is NOT your cup of tea you can skip over chapters: 1, 2, 5, (I guess, though there is no actual mpreg in it, just the idea of Wulf and Seos having a kid together) 8

If polygamy is not your cup of tea then skip:

If INCEST is not your cup of tea then skip: 4, 6, 9

These lists will be updated as the story progresses, thank you! I do hope you read the chapters, anyway. And there will be much less mpreg and a bit less incest in the future! Just stick with me here!! (:

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Ad Astra Per Aspera


It was freezing. The snow was coming down hard and he hadn't planned for this at all. He'd left his planet as an exile. It's not that the king had cast him out—his father would never do that—but it was the people. The way they looked at him, carrying some human's child. He was neko and royalty at that. His first son was to be the next king. Certainly a mutt couldn't be king. And it wasn't natural for a male to be pregnant, either. The child that was birthed by a male (technically an it, apparently) certainly couldn't be the next king.

The thoughts of home flashed through the brunette's mind as he stood naked in the snow. Why had he left? They had tried to kill him. No, it wasn't him they had been after, everyone loved him. It was the baby in his womb. Setting a hand on his stomach he was more worried about the baby now than he had been when they had rushed at him. It was fine to lounge around in the nude at home. None of the clothing had fit anymore and Tatarus had been far from winter. How could he be expected to realize Earth would be any different from his own world?

But it was, and as he stepped through the snow, barely able to remain standing Wulf couldn't think straight. His baby! He had to find warmth to save the baby. That's why he had left, after all. What would be the point of leaving if the baby did not make it? Soon enough he found his legs giving out, body sinking into a mound of snow beside a tree. The moon was out, but he couldn't see it. He could barely see the trees in the forest all about him. They were all so crowded together that he couldn't make one out from another—and he couldn't possibly imagine that someone would find him.

Leaning against the tree, he shut his eyes. He was so sleepy, and he wasn't shivering any longer. It wouldn't hurt to just take a nap while waiting for the sun to come out, would it? Something heavy fell on him—or was it being wrapped around his body—and he was flying! Maybe he was going to heaven. He was on Earth, it was possible they made a mistake and he was being sent there rather than being reborn in his world like he was supposed to. There was light too. A nice, bright light. That's what humans were supposed to see when near death. Maybe the creator of this dimension was going to take him into heaven.


It was 1055 in Germany. Wintertime was always very cold while summertime was always very hot. And right then it was wintertime, so everyone was crowded into their homes. It was a good time, lots of birth with not very many deaths. That was always good news for a vampire; having a fresh blood supply was nothing to complain about.

Of course one vampire wasn't happy with it. He wanted to destroy the world and all other things of that nature only to be stopped by a boy that looked to be no more than ten years old. He had told Aubrey that he liked this world and said not to destroy it and the vampire listened. He was rather unhappy about it, but he did listen. That boy had control over his fate, so he would listen to what he said once in a while.

However, without being able to wipe out the world's existence he didn't have much to do. He watched with disgust as the world was becoming populated with humans. There was reading, if you could afford a book—or find one. And there was the Bible. Having already lived through the whole thing Aubrey was quite certain he could tell fact from fiction. It was interesting to hear the little boy's take. Daniel would laugh at some passages, saying something about how the creator would never say that and so on and so forth. And who would know better than Daniel? Maybe an angel or a god that wasn't associated with something 'evil.'

It's not like he was particularly busy when Daniel said, "Aubrey.. go out into the forest. Head toward the lake. There will be something interesting there." He hadn't looked up from the clay dolls in his hands as he spoke, continuing to move them about as he played by the fire, one of Aubrey's cats watching him intently a few steps away.

"Why?" Aubrey asked, glancing up from the pamphlet in his hands. He didn't get an answer to that particular question, just another instruction to bring his heavy cloak and a lantern. It was too much effort to say no to the boy—it was much more troublesome than it would seem to be to do so—and with a grunt in annoyance the vampire set his pamphlet that the church had put out to go trek through the woods in the middle of the night. He'd better hurry though; the sun would be up soon. Vampires didn't fare too well in the sun unless they liked the 'I'm dead' look.

It didn't take long to get to the forest—it surrounded his home. In fact, the forest was so thick most had trouble finding his manor. Most knew that a 'powerful lord' who was quite merciless presided over these areas, however. They stayed out of his land and he didn't give anyone trouble. If some passerby happened to stumble into his land without permission the stories were that he drank their blood and ate their flesh. But the silly people of the middle ages were superstitious and had absurd ideas about everything. What he really did was drink their blood and use their bodies as fertilizer for his crops, which was much more reasonable. Vampires don't eat human bodies.

Once inside the forest, Aubrey headed through it, heading toward the lake to the East instinctively. His movements were slowed by the wind and snow, but in no way was he as encumbered as a normal human being was. That was indeed good, he realized quickly, when he saw a form curled up by a tree. Obviously he wasn't supposed to eat this tasty morsel—though he wondered how anyone would survive being nude in a blizzard for long—since he had been instructed to go get it. This was what Daniel was talking about, wasn't it?

It was an exquisite morsel, too. Aubrey was quite sure he wouldn't have wanted to eat it even if he had the opportunity to. With the little cat ears and tail who would want to kill a pretty little boy like that? Of course the genitalia indicated he was a boy—but he looked rather fruitful for a boy. The kitty seemed to be in an almost delirium as the heavy cloak was wrapped about him, staring at the light in his lantern as he was lifted up. It was plain to see he wouldn't be able to answer the question of why he was out there—and of course why he was naked and out there—when he seemed to be in a stupor. Putting the light out, Aubrey set the lantern down. It would be much easier to tap into a haste—vampires had to do so to have any superhuman qualities—and rush the boy back to the manor and leave the lantern behind. That would increase the boy's chance of survival.

Once he was at home the servants were woken up, fires were stoked back into a roaring state, and a warm bath was made while blankets were gathered. No one questioned why the boy Aubrey was carrying had cat ears and a brown tail sticking out from under the cloak or why he appeared to be pregnant of all things. After years of living with their master and the boy they didn't question things of that matter any longer. Instead they asked whether he'd prefer a new jacket or new trousers, would Daniel like more or less bread in his daily meals and so on and so forth. Anything supernatural was ordinary to them. This boy was just another stray cat that their master had brought in.

None of them however believed that the child would make it through the night even with their extraordinary master's care—he had been naked in the blizzard for who knows how long. There was no way he would survive.

In the morning when he was fully awake and asking for milk they were all astounded. He still had quite a few blankets wrapped around him, and didn't seem to realize what was going on. His German was a little off as well, but they understood perfectly fine what he meant. He wanted milk and biscuits. There was no questioning of where he was or what had happened. He didn't ask for the curtains to be opened, as Aubrey was sitting on the ground beside the chair he rested in, head in his lap. The vampire had long since fallen asleep to the kitty stroking his hair gently.

Nothing had fully been explained to Wulf. He was too exhausted for an explanation anyway. All he knew was that he had a savior and the baby in his body was still kicking about just as enthusiastically that day as it had the day before. It was a miracle, and he would never question it but rather he'd be grateful for it. His baby would live.

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And this one is certainly
an interesting story.
It starts with an ending

and we're both characters in play.
On the same stage
but on a different page

you'll go on to become
the queen of some kingdom.

And I'll be that monster of myth
off in some forest, mire or filth.
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