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Ad Astra Per Aspera

I Miss You


The technomancer looked up from the object he was working on, another gun perhaps. It was too early to tell what he would make it into. "Hm?" he asked absentmindedly, looking at the bogieman lounging on the workbench in front of the one he was working on, sprawled out as if he owned the thing. It didn't matter. As long as he didn't break anything, Vae didn't care.

"How do you become a ghost," he asked, not looking at Vae but instead the spirits floating above, near the ceiling as the milled about their daily business, "I mean, most souls go to heaven and hell right? I went to hell first before they sent me back up here…"

Vae nodded, agreeing with the last question. It was true, most souls did go to heaven and hell. He picked up a pair of tweezers, working with the minute wiring on the gun carefully. "Nnn, well the most common way is to have unfinished business," Vae stated, "It's not the only way. Some people are ghosts and no one knows why.. And then there's spirits and all these other things.." He wasn't really paying attention to what he was talking about anymore.

"Unfinished business? What does that mean?" Mi asked, turning to look at Vae for a second before staring dully about the place. Ever since Adramalech had relocated him to this he'd been so bored. It was better when he was haunting families or playing with the kids of families or something. All he had to interact with here were zombies, those dumb spirits floating around, Vae, Aeris, Landon and, well, Sayris of course. He didn't mind the necromancers or that mutt of an elf and he really did like the bogie. Even if Sayris was being weird and staring at them from afar from behind some other workbench. He'd never understood Sayris, but then again Sayris had never been human, had he? He'd always been a spirit, happy-go-lucky.

Vae muttered a curse as his hand slipped slightly, trying so hard to work on the delicate wiring. He had to be like a surgeon, calm with a steady hand. But there that boogieman went, talk, talk, talking. "A reason they feel like they should stay on Earth, whether they really want to or not," he replied distractedly, "Whether they know it or not." He smirked; quite satisfied with himself as he got whatever it was done that he needed to. "There's no definite answer, it's based on the individual soul," he said as he looked up from the item in his hands, "Why?"

Mihef rolled onto his stomach, using his crossed arms as a pillow as he stared off at Sayris. The bogie just let out a chirp as he realized he was seen and ducked under the workbench. He was an odd one, all right. "I.." he glanced at Vae for a moment, watching the boy working on the gadget in his hand some more, "How long can a ghost stay on Earth?"

"Nnn, well if they resolve their business or whatever they can leave the next day, really," was Vae's response, "But it could also be the case that they can't resolve their business."

Mihef sighed, shutting his eyes as he lay on the table. "Okay, so, say someone had a lover and their lover was..decapitated in front of them.."


Mihef wasn't sure that Vae was even paying attention to him anymore, but he pressed on, "And say that decapitated lover..say..haunted him for most of the rest of his life. Before he was relocated to haunt somewhere else."

"Mhmm," Vae looked up at Mihef, "What are you getting at?"

The boogieman sat up, fidgeting nervously for a moment before asking, "Would that be enough for him to stay on Earth as a ghost? Like he had a troubled life and…"

"You're talking about Kahmet right?" Mihef looked over at the boogey as it peered over a workbench at him timidly. Stupid bogies with their big fat mouths. He waved Sayris off, looking back at Vae as he waited for an answer.

However, Vae was more interested in what Sayris had to say, apparently, as he asked, "Who's Kahmet?" He propped his head up with his hands, a screwdriver held in one and the gadget in the other hand.

"He was the pharaoh's son! And then a pharaoh! And Mi loved him and Mi says Kahmet loved him." Mi glared in Sayris' direction.

Vae smiled over at Sayris, transporting the spirit beside him to give him a hug after setting down his things. "Go on," he said, glad that Sayris didn't really have any weight as the bogie sat on his lap, "What else do you know about this Kahmet?"

"Mmm, Mihef says he was really gorgeous but Mimi can't remember what he looks like now," Mihef scowled at the nickname 'Mimi,' and glared at the two as the talked about his past as if he weren't even in the room any longer, "And Mi was a slave back then! But Kahmet took him in as his like..personal servant and they were lovers!" Sayris smiled brightly. He adored the story of Mihef and Kahmet, really. It was so..beautiful, really, or so he thought—but at the same time it made him so sad. Poor Mihef! "But then the evil lady—" Vae's eyebrow rose "—told the pharaoh that Mihef had like..brainwashed Kahmet! And they dragged Mihef to the temple of Set and.." his smile fell from his face, a look of distraught coming over it now, "And they beheaded Mihef! And cursed him! That's why he's a boogieman now." Mihef rolled his eyes, lips pursed in distaste for hearing Sayris just go on and on about the story. He'd gone over it enough in his head, why did the bogie just have to..blurt it out like that? "And Mihef was only like a puddle of spirit..ness when he came back to earth as a boogeyman. All he could do was see what Kahmet was doing and move things, really. He didn't have a form so he couldn't show himself to Kahmet and he didn't have a voice. He couldn't even hear!" Vae nodded. "And Mihef was just so angry. Kahmet married the evil lady after all.. So he haunted Kahmet as much as possible until Addie took him away to another place."

"And Addie is..Adramalech, right?" Vae asked, nodding when he saw Sayris nod, "The short guy that brought Mihef here and told me not to kill him or I'd regret it." Sayris nodded again. "Hm.." He kissed the bogie's cheek, brushing his long blond and pink hair out of his face. Vae had taken some liberties with his abilities as a necromancer, changing Sayris' hair colour and..putting the spirit in a dress. But it did make the boy look so much cuter, didn't it? And Sayris had no complaints about it, really. "Thanks, sweety," he said, letting the bogie go, "You can go play now." Sayris nodded and floated off, intending to go to his room which Vae had stocked with all sorts of toys!

And once he was gone, Vae picked his work back up. "So, you want to know if his spirit could still possibly be around, then?" he asked as he twisted the screwdriver, screwing together..something in the little contraption.

"He's most likely long gone." Both the boogieman and Vae looked up as Landon entered the scene. "Even if you're the cause of him being trouble enough to stay on Earth as a ghost he's probably had enough time to come to terms with it and travel on to the afterlife in either heaven or hell. So don't hold out hopes for your loverboy still being around."

Mihef glared at Landon, watching as the taller male picked Vae up in a large embrace. He walked about like he owned the place. And he got away with it because he had Vae wrapped around his finger. "I wasn't talking to you," he said grumpily, watching the brothers kiss. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't fair. How come someone like Landon got to be happy and he was cursed to being a boogieman for the rest of eternity—or until his soul dies—without any real hope of seeing his own lover again.

"Nnn, it's true though," Vae said after a moment, as Landon returned him to the bench he had been sitting on, "It's been a long time since ancient Egypt. I'm not sure if I've really met anyone from that long ago really."

Landon nodded, adding, "So suck it up." Vae elbowed Landon in the ribs, glaring at him. "What?" was Landon's response, a smug look on his face.

"If I have time I'll..figure something out.." He picked up the item he had been working on, glaring as Landon picked it up out of his hands and inspected it. "I mean, it's possible he's still on Earth as a ghost but..highly unlikely." Mihef smiled at Vae before slipping off of the table, walking away. He couldn't stand to be in the same room as Landon. Especially as he and Vae talked about technology—something that just went way over his head. He didn't understand what any of the gadgets and items littering the necromancers' "home" were supposed to do. And he didn't care, really.

A few days passed and nothing more had been said no that subject. Mihef had lounged around, crawling on top of random objects and sleeping—as he seemed to do so often—or hanging around Sayris as the bogie played with whatever toys Vae had bought for him. Oh yes, Sayris was quite happy with living underground instead of in an atic as bogies tended to do. His only complaint was that it was too bright everywhere, unlike attics. Sayris and Mihef had in fact met in an attic that Sayris had been happily living in, not this underground lair.

At this point in time, Mihef found himself laid out across a cupboard that held some of Sayris' things, though it couldn't possibly hold all the toys, as was evident as the object lay scattered about the dimly lit room. As it was Sayris' room, the bogey was able to control the lighting—and minimal was what he preferred. But Mihef didn't mind the darkness, it helped him sleep actually. He didn't mind how noisy the other spirit was being—either from playing or knocking over things as bogeys were rather clumsy in nature. In fact, he didn't even notice as the door opened.

"Mihef?" Mihef remained fast asleep on top of the cupboard. "Mihef!" The boogieman fell off the cupboard, landing on a pile of half built legos. It didn't hurt as much as it would if he were still alive, but it's not like it felt good either. And so the spirit, pulled the legos out from underneath himself, tossing them aside carelessly (much to Sayris' dismay and despite the spirit's protests) as he rubbed his back and side where the bricks had stabbed him. "Mihef," Vae said once again, looking at the distracted boogieman unhappily, "Come on I don't have all day!"

"Hm?" Mihef frowned, not sure what was going on, but he followed Vae anyway. It's not like he could have stayed behind, anyway. Once a necromancer issues a command, a spirit has to follow orders. "What's going on?" He glanced around as Vae led him to another room off to the side of his main workroom, noticing a round disk on the ground in the centre of the room. It was metal and had buttons and knobs and looked like one of Vae's many inventions that would just go over his head.

The necromancer ignored Mihef for the most part, heading over to the disk as he said, "Right now we're under Egypt." Mihef raised an eyebrow, not sure what that had to do with anything. He watched as Vae knelt down, hitting the numbers and ignoring Mihef's questioning look. "I'm setting it to a few centuries around the time you should have been alive." How did Vae even know what centuries to narrow it down to? It's not like Mihef ever told Vae how old he was.. "And with a radius that'll span all of Egypt.." The necromancer looked up, smirking at the boogieman for a moment. "Ghosts don't tend to move too far from where they lived in their lifetime," he stated, hitting the big red button—Vae loved big red buttons, he always felt powerful when he hit them—and a light seemed to shine out of the disk, "Unless they're moved. Like you often are." Vae straightened back up and returned to Mi's side, glancing up at him. "So, if he's still in Egypt," he said finally, "Your boy'll be pulled in. It'll take a while for ghosts to start streaming in based on distance and whatnot, but you'll have to wait to see if he's any one of them." He patted Mihef's shoulder. "Let me know if he's any one of the ghosts and I'll let the other ones go.." he paused, glancing up, "If any ghosts appear at all."

When Vae finally did explain what was going on, Mihef's heart leapt. But at the same time he was terrified at the thought that Kahmet might not appear at all. He nodded in understanding before shifting about and hugging Vae. "Thank you." The necromancer smiled, shrugging as if it was nothing and exited the room leaving Mihef to wait. But oh god, new worries filtered into Mihef's mind as he paced around the room uneasily. The thought that he wouldn't be able to recognize Kahmet was one of the first ones to grab a hold of him—but he could just ask the ghosts their names! Then again, there was the flip side of that—what if Kahmet didn't recognize him. Surely he wouldn't! Mihef hadn't been able to remember what he looked like when he regained a bodily form. So, he'd have to tell Kahmet who he was, that was no problem. However, there was also the fact that Kahmet might have forgotten who Mihef was! And that was one he didn't know how to possibly rectify. Sure, he could tell Kahmet who he was but that didn't excuse the fact that Kahmet would have forgotten him and surely didn't care about him as much as Mihef had cared for Kahmet and bringing him there would have been a waste of time… And of course, the worry that Kahmet might not show up plagued Mihef's thoughts.

It took nearly an hour for any ghosts to start streaming in. They weren't particularly happy about being brought there involuntarily, and none of them where Kahmet. Though, Mihef did have a vague sense of recognition of a few of them. And after hours it seemed like no new ghosts were streaming in any longer and it was all hopeless, wasn't it? But Mihef didn't have the will to tell Vae it was hopeless and to turn off the contraption. Instead he stood there, watching the other ghosts milling about aimlessly, each quite disgruntled by the situation. But it's not like they had anything better to do!

It was hopeless. Mihef glanced at the handful of ghosts who were either complaining rather loudly or just glaring at him at that point and sighed heavily. It's not like they could do shit to him. But he was tired of being the object of mutual hatred by a few of the oldest ghosts in the world. Just as he was turning to go tell Vae to let them all go and turn off the machine the light emitting from it grew stronger: a sign that another ghost was about to enter the room. Mihef hesitated, not letting his hopes get the best of him. After the first few had entered the room he'd learned his lesson of getting his hopes up when they ended up not being his beloved. It was like torture, or a cruel and unusual punishment or..something worse, having to wait like that for those few hours. He was sure he'd remember as the most stressful hours of his afterlife.

Sighing softly as the spirit began sliding through the beam of light and forming completely after a moment, Mihef headed over to the disk on the ground, watching as the ghost formed. The spirit looked rather disgruntled and confused as he stood there.

Just as it was with a few of the other ghosts, he seemed familiar. But Mihef just couldn't remember what Kahmet had looked like. Nonetheless…he was beautiful. Round body, round face, pouty lips… Even if he wasn't Kahmet, Mihef would gladly take this boy back to his room for some fun…

As his mind drifted to unmentionable topics, the ghost asked, "What's going on?" He seemed a bit..afraid. Then again, he'd probably never experienced something like this. Necromancers were few and far between… and any that had the skill of Vae and Landon, well, it was probably only those two who possessed these unique skills.

"He's looking for his lover," another ghost chimed in grumpily, "And pulled us in while doing so." He glared at Mihef who just glared back.

A woman responded, "I think it's romantic!" She smiled, chuckling softly. "Separated lovers being reunited in the afterlife…" She sighed dreamily, looking off in the distance for a moment before adding, "Though, it is a bit annoying that we had to get sucked into it."

Mihef had heard more or less the same complaints with each new arrival and just shrugged the other ghosts off as he asked, "Could you tell me your name?"

"You mean you don't know what he looks like?" the new ghost asked, shifting out from being directly on top of the disk. The light was too bright for him, he wanted to get a good look at everyone that was present—all spirits—and everything that was going on—which wasn't much of anything, really. How boring. He squinted at Mihef for a moment before stating, "Well you don't look familiar."

"I forgot what he looked like, it's been a long time," Mihef replied hesitantly, "I forgot what I looked like too.. My appearance is probably far from what it used to be.."

The new ghost looked at him skeptically, crossing his arms over his chest as he debated on whether or not to believe Mihef.

"You can't leave until he tells that necromancer to turn that thing off," the woman, who had spoken earlier, said, pointing toward the disk on the ground, "So you might as well cooperate with him sweety."

The ghost raised his eyebrows at the word necromancer. Naturally, he'd never heard of such at thing but he could quite easily guess what it was. Power over the dead. How..interesting, and not so good for him. "Tell me your name," he stated as he looked at Mihef, "And I'll let you know." He tilted his head to the side, watching the boogieman with a calculated nonchalant look. He couldn't appear too interested, after all. And when you're a ghost, all you have left is your identity. He wasn't going to go blurting it out to every spirit that asked—especially not a boogieman. Those things were horrible creatures.

"Mihef," the 'horrible creature,' responded promptly, not at all unnerved by the distance that the other ghost was keeping from him. It was understandable, really. He had a bit of power over ghost really—able to torment them as easily as he could torment children.

The ghost's eyes widened before narrowing skeptically. He grabbed Mihef's face, pulling it close turning it his cheek side to side, up, down as he inspected the other. "You can't be him."

"Hmm?" Mihef asked, not sure what was going on exactly.

Releasing Mihef, the ghost turned away from him, murmuring, "Don't look like him."

"I was..cursed.." Mihef said, "For being with Kahmet." The ghost tensed. "My bodily form was taken away, I was just a mist for a long time but when I was granted a bodily appearance I couldn't remember what I looked like.." So he just went with what he found attractive at the time—why not?

The ghost turned even more away from Mihef, uneasily. His body was rigid as he stood there. "Why were you cursed for being with..this 'Kahmet'?" he asked quietly.

Mihef shifted about uneasily. There were so many ghosts, and he really hated telling his story, but he bit back his pride for once, murmuring, "I was a slave, he was the pharaoh's son…"

"And..what..what did they do to you?" the ghost's voice sounded strained as he asked this.

Hesitating, Mihef replied, "I told you, they cursed me." What was going on?


Mihef's eyebrows rose at the question, whispering uneasily, "Decapitated me.." All the other ghosts in the room had quieted down; it wasn't difficult at all to hear what he had said. He ignored them though, watching as the ghost shook silently. What was happening? He reached out, touching the ghost's shoulder. A hand was swatted at his own, pushing Mihef's hand away and for a brief moment Mihef saw that the ghost was crying. Before the ghost could stop him, Mihef wrapped his arms around the ghost. "What's wrong?" Did he say something wrong?

However, instead of responding verbally the ghost turned around Mihef's arms, holding onto the boogieman tightly as his tears continued. Oh, how he wanted to speak. But at that point he couldn't. He could just hold onto Mihef.

"It's him, isn't it?" the woman asked, floating for a moment excitedly before her feet returned to the ground, "Get the necromancer! Tell him you found him!" She looked at Mihef earnestly, waving at him to go.

If Mihef hadn't been paying attention, he would have missed it, but the ghost nodded slightly. "You''re.." Mihef stumbled with his words, not able to form a sentence properly as the ghost nodded slightly again. It was Kahmet! Only..Kahmet was crying.. Was he unhappy? "Why are you crying?" Mihef murmured in the ghost's ear.

"I missed you," Kahmet managed to choke out between tears. He didn't think in his wildest dreams he'd ever be reunited with his beloved Mihef..not after so long, anyway! He laughed quietly as Mihef grinned at him, leaning down and kissing him gently. It felt so good to be in Mihef's arms, even if his lover looked quite..different from before. Well, he was still tall, and too skinny and tan but the face was all wrong!

Before they could say or do anything else, the door opened and there stood the man of mischief himself, Landon. The necromancer leaned against the doorway casually, eyeing the crowd before looking at Mihef and Kahmet themselves. "Really, Mi?" he asked loudly, the boogieman and ghost glancing over at him, "I mean really?" His eyebrows rose as a look of disgust came across his face while he inspected the two. "You chose the fattest one? And, dude, he's not even good looking," Landon stated, "You could probably have anyone you wanted in this room and you choose him?" Kahmet held tighter to Mihef, just..shocked for the moment. "I mean, why not him?" he said, looking at a ghost near him, raising his eyebrows for a moment in approval of that ghost—and the ghost just smirked, eyeing Landon approvingly as well.

"Shut up, he's beautiful," Mihef stated, holding the ghost protectively in his arms, "Turn that thing off so the other ghosts can go."

Landon's eyebrows rose. He didn't take orders from the dead, they took them from him. "What's the magic word?"


The necromancer just stood there, shaking his head. "You know, I could take that as an invitation to tear apart your fatty's soul," he said, venom in his eyes as he licked his lips for a moment. Mihef held Kahmet more protectively, glaring at Landon. "But I won't, just because I'm nice like that." He flicked his hand and the light shut off on the machine and it seemed to just..turn off on its own. "As you were," he said, making a motion of dismissal with his hand as he exited the room.

"Fucker," Mihef breathed out as soon as Landon was out of earshot. He really did know better than to poke Landon with a stick too many times, the necromancer could quite easily give him death in the afterlife. Oh yes, there was such a thing as dying after you've been dead. If your soul gets damaged beyond recognition..beyond repair.. it'll just die out into nothing and then all that would be left was a memory.

Many of the ghosts instantly flew through the roof, intending to go back to their afterlife as before it was interrupted. But the woman remained back for a moment, saying quietly, "Congratulations." She sighed softly, if only she could be reunited with the one she loved… But that was just a dream. "I wish you all the best," she stated before flying out of the room as the others had. Accordingly, Mihef found himself alone with Kahmet in that almost bare room.

There was so much to say, yet both of the spirits found themselves staring at each other in silence. Kahmet wiped his eyes, looking away uncomfortably. He blushed as Mihef held him closer, and looked back up at the boogeyman. He bit his lip and leaned forward, kissing Mihef gently. That's when he was sure; it felt so right. Like he had returned home after being away for so long. Kahmet's arms wrapped around Mihef's neck as he leaned in, deepening the kiss.

"God," Mihef breathed out, eyes still shut as the kiss ended. He leaned his forehead against Kahmet's. How many thousands of years had it been since he held or kissed or just looked at Kahmet? He opened his eyes, not wanting to miss another minute of being with Kahmet. He glanced around the barren room, glancing at the disk for a moment. "Let's go to my room, it's more comfortable there.."

Kahmet's eyebrows rose as he heard this asking quietly, "You have your own room?"

"Mhmm, Vae can house a whole army here but it's only a handful of people here," he said quietly nuzzling Kahmet's neck before continuing on. Sure, he could float around and fly but walking was what they had done when they were alive, and so the Mihef tended to walk around and Kahmet followed suit. "Vae's a necromancer, and is good with technology; so's his brother Landon..the asshole that was just here. They're brothers and they run the place," he explained as he led Kahmet through the underground building, "And then there's an elf named Aerus. Don't mind him and he won't bother you.." Landon on the other hand..he'd have to keep an eye out to make sure that boy didn't mess with Kahmet. He had already tried to start shit! He paused realizing something as he stopped walking, asking Kahmet, "You will stay, won't you?" Mihef couldn't leave the "house" for fear of his soul being destroyed. Kahmet just..had to stay.

Laughing, Kahmet cupped Mihef's cheek, looking at the other with an amused glance before replying, "Did you really need to ask?" He kissed Mihef's cheek, stroking the other's hair gently. "Yes, I'm staying with you as long as you'll let met." He kissed Mihef's forehead and reached for his hand, urging him to continue leading the way.

Nothing could have made Mihef happier. He squeezed the other's hand, continuing through the halls until he got to his own room. Opening the door, Mihef motioned for Kahmet to enter and followed after, watching as his lover looked about. It didn't have much in it, just a bed, desk, dresser and closet. It's not like he really used anything beside the bed. Though, he did just climb on top of the dresser and just sleep there at times. He'd sleep on anything, really. Whatever struck Mihef's fancy at the time…

"I don't have much.." he said, glancing about nervously. Did Kahmet expect more?

The ghost chuckled as he sat down on the bed, glancing up at Mihef. "What's new?" he asked, patting the spot beside him, "You didn't have much in life, either.."

Mihef sat down beside Kahmet, smirking as he leaned in kissing the other. "I had you," he whispered, "What else did I need?"

That made Kahmet blush, laughing quietly. "Mm, quite the charmer now, hm?" he asked quietly, leaning in and kissing Mihef.

"I missed you," Mihef murmured as he held the other, examining him lovingly.

Kahmet nodded before sighing softly as he shifted on the bed, lying down. "You drove me crazy," he said quietly, "It was you, wasn't it?" Opening and shutting his mouth as he tried to get words out, all Mihef could do was nod. "I knew it," Kahmet murmured, shifting about as Mihef laid down beside him, sighing as he felt the other's arms wrap around him, his back pressed against Mihef's chest, "I mean..I understood..I married that bitch who took you away from me…" His eyes narrowed unhappily for a moment. "But it's not like I had a choice in that…" He glanced over at Mihef, but the boogieman was just staring off at the ceiling. "I think what bothered me the most was when you just..disappeared…"

"I didn't have a choice in that," Mihef said quietly, nuzzling Kahmet's neck, "I was reassigned to a different home.. I didn't want to leave you…" He kissed along the other's neck and jaw, feeling Kahmet relaxing slowly. "I didn't mean to cause you any pain back then," he said quietly, "I was just so..angry I couldn't help it.." He had haunted Kahmet to the point of that the other's health had started failing. Yes, he knew he drove Kahmet crazy… It's not something he was proud of. "Please forgive me."

Kahmet rolled to face Mihef, smiling warmly at him. "I already did," he said quietly, kissing his lover, "I wouldn't have stayed if I hadn't forgiven you." He stroked Mihef's hair, kissing him once more. "I was never upset with you, really," he murmured, shutting his eyes, "I.." He sighed. "I was always upset with myself for having gotten you into all that trouble..for having gotten you cursed…" He opened his eyes, looking into Mihef's own. "When I couldn't feel you in the palace anymore..I killed myself.." Mihef's eyes widened, pulling the other closer to his body. Sure, there was no body heat but they could feel the touches and Kahmet certainly felt Mihef's kiss. It had been so long, and both of them clearly missed the other's presence. It had been a whirlwind romance that was cut short…all they wanted was to be there for each other now. "It's for the better, I guess," Kahmet murmured, shifting about to rest his head on Mihef's shoulder, "I wouldn't be here now with you.." He glanced toward the door nervously, frowning unhappily. "But..where are we?" he hadn't paid much attention as he had been pulled in, instead he had been struggling against the force, not knowing what was going on, too alarmed to pay attention to where he was.

"Underground," Mihef answered honestly, "I live with a necromancer.." Kahmet's eyes widened, knowing very well what a necro could do. "Well, actually two," he murmured, sighing quietly, "The first is Vae, he's really..powerful. But that asshole you met earlier is his brother. They're both necros.." How did that run in the family? "And control technology.." Kahmet looked worried at that point. "Yeah..they're powerful.." he frowned, stroking Kahmet's hair, "But if you stay out of their way it'll be fine. Sometimes I think Landon is looking for a fight, though.." Kahmet would have to definitely stay out of Landon's way; Landon seemed to already have his sights on Kahmet. "Let's not worry about it now," Mihef whispered, pulling Kahmet's chin up to kiss him. They had lost time to make up for.


Where are you and I'm so sorry

I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight

I need somebody and always


Will you come home and stop this pain tonight

Stop this pain tonight


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How can I not play Medic? The same guy voiced Travis Touchdown! And a million other things.. mmm, Travis. Dude, I'd totally rp No More Heroes too.. OR GLEE. Oh my gosh Puck x Kurt? Hell yeaaah