By Olivia Brayan

Why do I always feel like this?

Like crap whenever we talk of us?

Of what we once were

That friendships with you, amazing girl

We had so much and I'm left with so little

The hole in my heart

Nothing can fill

I miss you

No I miss what we had




and above all TRUST

But you just didn't listen like I belived you would

My thought and wishes fell on deaf ears

And when it comes down to what we were made of...

We were the best and the worst

We built a friendship on thoughts not words

I'm glad you can't read my mind

You'd know the thoughts I'm thinking

The hurtful things I'm breeding

A millon times I've said it

thought it

exspressed it

In the background lies

They set the stage for hopefuly your demise

Did I say that out loud?

How could you know what a mystery like me is thinking

If I'm so confusing

Give the fuck up

If I'm so abusing

Kick me right back

I'm baiting and swiching

Trying to make you scream

To agree to drop what we've been

But its not what I want

You knew it but you fell

From the pedestal I set you up on

You were my hero

My angel

My best friend

You were a lier

A cheater

Someone who upon I could not depend

And I'm sorry for the tears you given in

For the time and money you wasted on me

I'm sorry I'm a disapointment

That I did't finish what we began

I'm sorry I such a using-abusing-loser

I'm sorry I'm that selfish-lying-trying-confusing-just want to make it-please don't cross it-sesitive-bitter-bitch of a friend

Forgive me dear

My mistake you win