What Is Hope?

by Starsinger

Forgive me, I haven't written an essay since college, and that was a while ago, but here I go. What is hope? Hope means many things to many people. Someone who finds a job after suffering for the past seven years with a tanked economy. Those of us who are poor have seen the reality of the past few years. The rich have had a wonderful time, as for the rest of us; at least I found a job that I like.

What is hope? Hope is a niece looking for more scholarships to pay for books and housing so she can go to Veterinary School in Texas A&M. What her grandparents paid for will pay for tuition, but that is, unfortunately, it. She's a bright, beautiful seventeen year old girl with a bright future ahead of her. Her little sister wants to be an English Major.

What is hope? I watch every day as new animals are born into a zoo. Animals that are endangered and without our help have little to no hope of survival. There's nothing cuter than a baby giraffe.

What is hope? In spite of losing the house you grew up in, you find an apartment where you can live. There are three of you crammed into a one bedroom apartment, but with all of you having a job; it makes it a bit easier.

What is hope? Last night I watched as we elected our first black president, Barrack Hussein Obama. I watched him promise his young daughters a new puppy for that move into the White House, and for the first time in seven years, I felt hope. Not just that a man with a positive vision of the future has been elected, but that as a white woman who never thought she'd live to see the day, watched a black man become president. This transcended racism and propped up a dream was realized.

What is hope? "I have a dream!" Martin Luther King Jr. proclaimed. I choose to believe that he, Robert Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Gene Roddenberry, and many others dreamed this dream. Even I finally believed that this dream could come true.

What is hope? Today, hope is in this country and his name is Barrack Obama.