The following story is rated K+ for some frightening situations and some mild language. Enjoy!

A Worlds of the SightSpirit Production

True Dreams

By SightSpirit

Chapter 1:



"Holy crap!" Nidek ducked as a giant boulder flew his way as if shot from a cannon. He looked on with amusement as the boulder chased a random stranger away. That guy must have seen the first Indiana Jones movie today! he thought as he chuckled to himself. Then his smile flipped. These nightmarish instances had been occurring more and more of late. It worried the young man greatly. Nidek sighed.

Downtown Philadelphia?, PA?, USA?, Master Universe?

"Holy crap!" Marty ducked as a dodgeball flew his way as if shot from a cannon. He was the last remaining member on his team. This was usually the case, and he always vowed he wouldn't let his teammates down. He couldn't get out now.

Another ball was flung at him then another. Marty found himself dodging every ball in ways he never thought possible! That's when the last ball on the opposing side was chucked at him…and he got out.

Marty's teammates were not angry with him. In fact, they were complimenting him. He just stared at the blacktop, his ear-length black hair hanging down. When he finally looked up, everyone had already dispersed and went home. There was nobody but him. And that's when Marty saw him.

The boy looked to be about Marty's age. He had brown hair and a normal-enough nose. But what really sent chills up Marty's spine were the boy's bright silver eyes. That guy just can't be human! he thought. Humans don't have silver eyes unless they've been genetically altered or something! When Marty snapped out of his thoughts, the odd stranger was gone…and so was everything else.

Downtown Philadelphia, PA, USA, Master Universe

Before Marty's eyes, a wall stared back at him with no eyes. One of the walls of his bedroom. It was all a dream. But why had his mind created an odd boy with silver eyes? Was it some kind of message? Was it just random like way more than half of his dreams? Or…was there really a mysterious silver-eyed boy entering his mind…?


It was almost depressing. As he walked, Nidek saw all kinds of monsters and odd creatures that were being created by the people of what the citizens of his universe called the Master Universe. It was happening way more frequently, these people having nightmares. Some of his friends were even being killed by these monsters that appeared at random moments.

Nidek had read about a period of history in which the same kind of thing occurred; there was an increased number of nightmarish creations and nearly all life in his universe was wiped out by them. Historians predicted this was caused by some sort of disease from their universe had spread to the Master Universe that resulted in many "Masters," as the residents of what they called the Responding Universe called them, having bad nightmares.

Frightosis, Nidek thought. That is what historians call the disease. He was glad that he knew of at least one of the Masters was having good dreams for certain. Well, actually, the boy didn't look very happy when he got out in a game of dodgeball, but at least he wasn't having a dream about a giant ogre or something that was coming to destroy the world.

That boy was very familiar. Oh my gosh! That was Marty! He had always loved the places and situations Marty had created and would often go to see them. Nidek just hadn't done so in three years, so he didn't recognize the boy.

But this had been the first day that Marty had seen him. Nidek had always stuck to the shadows. But today he had shown himself. And Marty had looked at him with a look of pure wonder. Nidek had wanted to make Marty keep wondering, so he actually forced Marty to wake up!

But Nidek knew, as he walked down that empty path, that he would be meeting Marty again soon….

Author Notes: This is the first of my "Surprise Stories" which are stories published without disclosure (I usually put the names of upcoming stories on my profile page) before-hand! I will publish a new Surprise Story at least once a year (at most twice). Hope you enjoyed it (this is still only the first chapter, so there IS still more to go)!

This story was totally spontaneous! It just popped into my mind! Well actually, a question popped into my mind: What if, when we dream, we actually visit a parallel universe instead of being in our minds? Thus, True Dreams was born!

The people in our universe being called "Masters" is a reference to another of my series, The Sight Chronicles!

Author's Request: I highly encourage all of my readers to write a review of any of my works (this one and any others that you read)! I welcome constructive criticism, but NOT flaming! Of course, postive feedback is also welcome! So please write a review for this and any work of mine that you read! Thanks! -SightSpirit, author

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this work and real people, alive or dead, are either entirely coincidental or are used fictiously.