So I Hate Walking

So far we've drifted from each other

Like a boat departing from it's beloved beach

We used to greet and talk for as long possible

Then as time passed we only said 'Hi' and left quickly

But now we don't wave, we don't speak, we don't even glance

in each others direction

I remember how you used to look at me

But now since we realize how close we were

Our instinct reaction is to push away

We avoid each other completely

We are two magnets that can't get too close

Before repelling each other farther away

It's as if we are infected with some sort of contagious disease

After we past each other, trying so hard not to look at each other

We can sense it, feel it

I feel the electric current

that makes shivers go down my spine fade

As you walk farther away

My heartbeat slows

I exhale my long intake

My muscles unclench

I make the mistake

I look back to face your retreating figure

Only to find you looking back at me

Our eyes connect

I see the pain, the guilt, the intensity

Mirrored from my eyes and yours

You see the anger, the sorrow, the regret

We accept that this will be the longest meeting

We will have all day

Without speaking we say two words 'I'm sorry' with our eyes

We cherish it then turn away and walk

Never looking back as we continue on

We meet other friends throughout the day

Not thinking about that minute

Not remembering that pull towards each other we felt

That point in time between us of pure unrequited passion

With so many words left unsaid

And knowing the thing that we hated

The most painful regret,

The biggest mistake

Was walking away