Nobody Wants You

By Free the Dancing Llamas

Chapter one: God forbid I cry

When I was three I realised that nobody wanted me. Usually it is not within the mental capacity of a child to instantaneously comprehend such a notion, but I knew. Or rather, those who called themselves my friends during the first five minutes of my arrival at the boarding house told me.

"Adele," Madeline, the oldest and tallest girl in the boarding house said, "You are new. So we shall tell it to you straight out, after all it's better than finding out in a few years time." I nodded without really understanding what the older girl was saying.

"What is it?" I held onto my bunny as I leaned forward to hear what she had to say.

"You have been sent to this boarding school for only two reasons," She continued, "Either your parents have died or," The announced dramatically, leaning in closer towards me, "Nobody wants you". Half an hour later, realisation dawned on me: my parents were not dead.

And like a three year old would, I cried. But not for long, after three seconds of crying I was promptly told to shut up by the matron. Little girls were not allowed to cry, if they did they would be beaten, and then they would have something to cry about.

My fear that nobody wanted me was increased by the fashion in which all the girls ignored me at dinner. And, on that first evening, when I tried to talk to Madeline, she slapped me sharply across the face and told me that I was lower than the dirt beneath her feet, and if I ever tried to talk to her again, she would cut off all my hair.

I did not talk to her during the first week, but it did not stop her from coming into my dorm at twelve in the evening with her friends, who held me down while she cut it off anyway. I could not cry and the next morning I was beaten for what I did not do to my hair.

I am sad to say that the next fifteen years of my childhood were spent cowering in fear and growing back my hair so it reached its original length. I spent fourteen years not crying and definitely not laughing.

So, let us go forth fifteen years to that moment where my life changed from being a cowardly child, hiding behind closets and spending the nights awake in paranoia of being humiliated and teased. (By then, Madeline had left. But unfortunately her legacy had carried on. And no, before I continue on, I never knew why she hated me and I never asked.)

It was a particularly cold day; actually it was just a week before my birthday, when it all changed…

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