Solace of Night


My body falls with an arbitrary grace.

Mother night enfolds me in her black embrace.

Peace flows through me,

As my mind slowly becomes more aware

How this happened,

God only knows

What is this single, solitary hole,

that pierces my heart

and leaves me blithe with delight.

Time slows down

and I see the smallest of details

even as my life quickly fails

It make no sense

Then suddenly, panic sets in.

I see the red,

The nectar of being,

sliding down my chest in this dream

But is it really

What is becoming of me now

My eyes widen

and once again reality returns

The hole in my chest now burns

The man's hand lowers,

his laughter bites me to the bone.

My decent quickens

The concrete floor seems to beckon me.

Then, light begins to gather in perfect harmony.

A path forms upward

I take a step, just as I hit the ground.

My body remains,

but my soul drifts forward

and I am greeted by a winged herald

He opens the gates

And I walk, into the Solace of Night.