as i finger my ring,
and look deep in your eyes.
i wonder what our bond has lost,
and what it will symbolize.

this marrige is crumbling,
i wonder when it lost.
as i see our broken hearts,
i calculate the cost.

as this book is drawing closed,
there's nothing i can do.
i led your love so far away,
pain's delt to me and you.

as the cards are handed out,
all we get are spades.
as the hearts dwell in the deck,
we're losing this whole game.

as our lives move forward,
we play with strategy and skill.
but then we both realize,
we'll have to make a kill.

something has got to go,
as we sit and ponder.
schemes, plots, and facade dreams,
are the ideas we plunder.

as there seems to be no cure,
no one comes to our aid.
a wall of self-pity and doubt,
around our souls, we've made.

our loves stopped dead in its tracks,
no longer bright as noon.
id our love will carry on,
we shall be declared loons.

if only, if only,
as nature sighs.
peace would reign,
and turmoil shall die.

as our love breaks,
we fall apart.
shot from the sky,
we; gullible larks.