He was Cool

.Chapter One.

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I'm weak in the mornings. I hate mornings. Especially if it's a monday morning.

I squinted, narrowed my eyes more and rolled around my bed as scintillating rays of sun that especially rise during annoying monday mornings seep through the floral curtains of my bedroom. I rolled over my bed, pulling my blanket over my face and tried to continue sleeping.


I growled and quickly groped around the sheets to fin my phone which was setting off the alarm. It didn't help that my dry and greasy, long brown hair was all over my face and blocking my vision. As soon as I got hold of it, without thinking and in annoyance, I raise my arm in an attempt to throw it while I sat up on my bed.

"Allison. I'm not buying you a new phone if you break that." My mom had made her way in my room and there she was, leaning against the door with her eyebrow raised.

I groaned and fell back on my bed, head first before screaming on my pillow. When my mum goes to my room, that's the final alarm. No 5-more minutes crap works on her. Last time I tried, she pulled me down the staircase herself.

"Breakfast's ready. Don't be late for school." She said.

"Yeah. I'm coming." I mumbled as I finally pulled my lazy body off the bed.


"Can you drive me to school today? I think I'm gonna be late." I asked as I chewed the french toast.

"No. And Yes. You're gonna be late and you're still taking your own sweet time!" My mom walked around the kitchen, opening every drawer there was.

"Where on earth is my spatula?! It was here just now!" She grumbled as she continued searching.

"First period's Calculus. The teacher's always late - unless he's absent." I pour myself a cup of cocoa and carefully spread some peanut butter on my loaf of bread trying to cover every inch of the white bread.

My mom suddenly stopped searching and with hands akimbo, she looked at me with disdain. "Well I want you to be on time or you won't be getting your allowance next week."

I hate it when parents use their special parents powers. "Mom!" I swiftly grabbed my backpack that hung from on the chair by the bar. Quickly, I stuff as much books I can stuff inside. I rolled my eyes and she shook her head but continued searching for her precious spatula as I ran for the door.

"Take care honey!" She said.

I opened the door and my heavyweight dog came running in.

"Ruff! Ruff!"

I snickered and yelled before I closed the door, "Mom! Hayden found your spatula!"


Fresh air.

I appreciate it everytime I step out of the bus to school during days when my mom doesn't drive me to school. Which by the way, is practically everyday. My moment of enjoying the simple joys with nature was interrupted when a car haphazardly zoomed past me. The familiar green pick-up truck strategicaly stopped on my way and I knew just who was behind the wheels.

Joshua leaned on the rolled down window and with a sound of pity in his voice, said "Get a license Allie. I pouted my lips and gave him an annoyed look. "I hear that everyday. Surprisingly, I hear it from the exact same person who just got his license like I don't know...a week ago?"

He smirked and batted his eyelashes at me as he pulled out his driver's license. "It's my greatest physical evidence of my hard work yet."

"Well you better get ready for your mugshot when you get suspected for DUI." I smirked.

Beep! Beep!

"What the hell are you waiting for? Christmas? Move your ass!"

"Ooh. Guess driving school forgot to teach you not to block roads." I snickered. Joshua let out a sigh of irritation.

"Ill pull over! Patience please!" He grumbled.

"Yeah, I'll wait. Nice new hairstyle by the way. Spiky. Rockin' the blonde look Joshua." I said wondering how many times he had had a makeover ever since he made up that new image since he got that car. Apparently, he believed that he's on a higher social ladder rung now hence the need for a new image or whatever. Don't get me wrong. I love my best friend.

"Thanks. Oh and by the way for the thousandth time, it's Josh. New image remember?! Hello? Is that so hard to remember? New image!" He blabbered on.

"Oh, just move your car!" Was what the other drivers replied. I couldn't agree more.


Joshua and I made our way to the main building of Lincoln High. The school's usually filled with students with bored faces in the mornings but today seemed to be an exception. People were buzzing about, gawking about something.

"What's up? What'd I miss over the past normal weekend?" I asked Joshua, oh, make that Josh.

"I can't believe that I don't know the answer. I'm supposed to be in the 'know' around here!" He purposely raised his voice but few students cared to bother.

I saw a familiar redhead in sight, standing by the lockers with a problematic look on her face. Yeah, Frankie usually looks like that when she 's feels like she forgot that she forgot something. I'm guessing she forgot to bring her books to school again.

"Hey Frankie!" Joshua waved his hands, wriggling his long fingers with it.

Frankie turned, "Oh hey. Morning. Oh, nice hair Joshua."

The queenbitch was showing the same expression he gave me this morning but Frankie didn't even seem to bother. She continued searching through her disorganized locker.

"Does your brain has something stopping it from remembering things or is it just really completely filled with air that there's no space for new information?" That's the queenbitch I was talking about.

Frankie looked at him with an empty expression. Innocent. How adorable.

"I have a feeling that I forgot something but I can't remember what I forgot." She told him in response.

"Are you even listening to what I said? It's Josh now remember? Forget Joshua along with the other zillions of things you forget all the time." He gave me an exasperated look and I can only chuckle to myself in amusement.

I love my bestfriends. They made high school sufferable but sometimes they could get on my nerves so much. I don't know how many times I gave them suplexes and slapped their affable faces in my head.

"Umm. 'cuse me 'kay? I'm running late." We turned and saw the local beauty and reigning queen of Lincoln High, Melissa Stanley.

"Oh. Sorry." Joshua pouted but nicely moved, pulling Frankie with him.

I looked over Josh's shoulders. I'm not particularly liking Melissa but even I think she's pretty - regardless of the thickness of makeup on her face. We might never know what she naturally looks like but the surface at the moment shows a pretty face.

She looked taller than before. She must've added a few centimeters to her heels and look at that blonde hair she claimed to be natural. It's not like she's fooling anyone. We all know she's born with red hair not strawberry blond, dirty blond, whatever it is. You don't lie about those things when almost everyone in the school hanged out with you when you were a kid and you had flaming red hair.

"Cool hair Joshua." She said, flipping her gorgeous locks.

"You think so?! Thanks! " Joshua looked so flattered. He always claimed he hated her but Frankie and I knew otherwise.

Joshua felt his hair and was suddenly very excited. How naive could he be? She's being sarcastic!

"It's perfect on you! Where'd you get it done?" She continued as she opened her locker and took some stuff.

"You really want to know? Well it's called Frances'. It's somewhere downtown!" Joshua said, trying to contain his excitement. He looked like he's gonna burst in to flower petals any minute now.

"Thanks. I'll add that to my list of salons I'll never go to." She smiled and slammed her locker shut before pushing her way through the crowd quickly before Joshua can even react.

"Stupid." I mumbled, giving Joshua a disapproving look.

"What did she just say? This hairstyle was expensive! Oh. Whatever, I don't care about what other people say." He started his countdown as he breathe to calm himself then quickly pulls out a compact mirror. In a heartbeat, he's started restyling his hair.

Frankie and I exchanged looks and we both rolled our eyes. "Josh, let's go." We called out.

"Oh yeah, by the way. Is there anything big going on?" I asked Frankie as we made our way to first period.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Frankie had her eyebrows curved.

I looked around and girls were giggling and guys were haking their heads. "That must mean something." I said and Frankie seemed to understand.

"If you know anything, spit it out. I can't believe I don't know what's happening around here." Joshua finally did a last touch up and closed his compact mirror.

Frankie suddenly had that enlightened look. "Oh. I just heard there's a new student. Apparently he's from the big city."

"He?" Joshua suddenly had that intimidated look. "Is he good looking? Rate him from 1 to 10. It's competition! I have to know!"Joshua grabbed on to Frankie.

I looked at Joshua with a raised brow and he quickly straightened up. "A little competition wouldn't hurt. Makes it more enjoyable." He grinned as we entered the classroom.

"I haven't seen him yet but some of them must have seen him. Girls from the marching band were talking about it during weekend practice. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit excited myself!" She giggled and her eyes looked like they were popping out of her sockets. I rolled my eyes and pushed the classroom door open and we all went in.

"We'll see." Joshua raises his brows as if he's saying, 'bring it on'

I'm surprised that my curiosity's not particularly piqued. I guess I'm just not setting high expectations for this new guy. It's better that way, I'll save myself from disappointment but him coming form the big city sounded interesting.

As we sat on our seats by the window, Frankie suddenly jumped up. "Oh my God!"

Joshua and I immediately turned at her. "I knew it! It felt like I forgot something just now."

"And let me guess, you forgot to bring everything you need for school today just like you did last week and the week before that?" I asked. I was serious actually despite the sarcastic tone. If it's Frankie, anything's possible. Afterall, she's the girl who went to my 14th birthday party half dressed up and half in pajamas because apparently, she though she already changed out of her pajamas bottom.

"No." She let out a sigh of relief. "I kept my car's engine running." She quickly got her car keys from her pocket and was about to dash out.

"I'll go with you." I said, standing up.

Joshua smirked. "Okay, I'll stay behind and tell Mr. Degraw some lame reason as to why you are not in class which he would likely believe just because he is Mr Degraw." He winked and Frankie and I were on our way.


Frankie quickly killed the engine and grabbed her calculus book on the passenger's seat. She forgot that she forgot to take that this morning. Seriously, she needs to eat more beans.

"Good thing you remembered that early." I shook my head with a smile.

"Ugh. I don't know why it happens all the time." She mumbled as she brushed away stray strands of her straight, long red hair.

I felt something vibrate in my jean's pocket. I immediately pull out my phone which I just tried to obliterate this morning. I ever so rarely use it but it is kind of useful. Good thing it lived on.

"Oh, Joshua..." I stopped and mockingly started again, "Oh it's 'Josh'. He said Degraw's unexpectedly early today. We better hurry back."

Just when we were about to push open the main doors, we stopped on our tracks. The scene before me was like something right out of a movie screen. In 3D. There it was, a red sportscar rushing through the school gates, smoke builded up on the track it left behind and swiftly, it made a sharp turn and finally stopped. The rays of the sun made the car appear blinding as the light reflected in every direction.

Almost everyone in the field at that time had been fozen in their spot and some students in the building were crowding the windows, trying to catch a glimpse.

"What does someone who drives a sportscar have to do with this small town school?" I asked my self.

"Whoa." Even Frankie was stunned and she's there gaping.

"That's a really nice car though." was all I could mumble, pitiably.

"You two! Back to class! Don't loiter around here!" Mrs. Barnes, the stumpy, annoyingly grumpy English Literature teacher popped out of nowhere and sent us back in the building immediately before we could even see the face behind the wheels. "Quick! There's nothing to see here." She squeaked with her English accent.

"The latest addition to town, huh?" I thought as I took a last glance at the red car outside, wondering who could be the new golden boy in town.


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