He was Cool

.Author's Note.

Hey guys, it's imaskypirate here. Yes I shortened my crazy long pen name haha!

I just thought I should post this final note. I really want to say thank you to everyone who read and followed my first story He was Cool during its run here in fictionpress :)

Even now I still receive a handful of messages/reviews asking whether He was Cool is really finished and why it's listed as complete when there's only two chapters. The answer is a hearty yes. Yes, He was Cool was long finished and ran for 24 chapters. Unfortunately though, I don't think I'll put the original version it back up. It was fun and all but the quality just plain sucks. Haha.

I want to rewrite it but honestly I lost all the chapters from chapter 10 and up after my old laptop crashed like last year. However, the essence of the story, its core, it's still etched deeply in my mind. I just want to say that if I ever finish revising it, it wouldn't be exactly like how most readers remember it.

Hope this clears up some confusion. Anyway, thanks a lot again! All your love and support still inspire me to write.

Till next time.