I have to leave, But I don't want to.

I've been told,

I have to go home,


Butr I love it here,

with you.

So I call up a cab,

and I head out,

I cry as I do.

I have to leave,

But I don't want to,

I know you don't either.

I love it here,

Lying with you.

I get to the station.

I get asked a question,

I turn to se your face,

As your reaction.

But your not there,

I get a feeling inside,

and I know I'm In love,

So I cry.

I have to leave,

But I don't want to,

I have to say goodbye,

And so I cry.

I loved it there,

Lying with you.

I'm on the train headed home,

I wish I wasn't,

I know I'll come back,

And I have to do this again,

but then,

I won't have to leave,

I can say I love you,

I'll stay there forever,

And I won't,

Have to leave,

Because I don't want to.

A song I wrote for a special someone, if you want to hear it, I'm working on getting some of the songs I write taped or something lol. Need my brother to play guitar.