Part One: Gabe

Wednesday October 29th First Period The Cafeteria 8:45am

Before classes start all the girls start primping in the washroom. I don't know why we do it but we do. One day me and my friends, the most popular girls in school decided to start gossiping in the girls washroom then one girl Debbie Wizen stayed in one of the stalls and she told every one in school about it. Then all of the girls started coming to the washrooms to hear gossip and then our little group figured it out. So we found a new place to gossip, in the baseball dig-outs. No one will ever find us there. Our little group is called Cola Cuties, because all the kids in the school call the populars 'pops' and Cola is a type of pop and la la la and you get the picture.

So when we're not gossiping before first period we all talk in the cafeteria at table 12. It's our personal, permanent table. Our school is divided up into cliques and I used to belong to the fashion-savvy-wannabes until the Cola Cuties came and recruited me.

"Okay, I have super big news." Tammy Patel said. Her blonde crimped hair was a major trend starter in our school. "I heard there's a new kid coming."

The other members of the Cola Cuties nodded. I have no clue what their names are even though I've known them for a month now. TWO of them are even identical twins and I never even noticed until today. All the other girls have dark brown hair like mine, but I'm the only one who has dark skin.

BIG WHOOP. A new kid whatever! He's probably some kid who got kicked out of his old school for pulling the fire alarm 16 times or something like that.

"Yeah, so who's calling dibs?" Tammy asked.

Nobody even dared raising their hands. If you liked the new kid before he even got here you would end up having to kiss him and if you didn't you'd end up getting kicked out of the group. I've heard the story like a million times from Tammy and now it finally comes into play.
"Okay can we please change the subject?" I finally propose.

Tammy shot me a dirty look. "Don't tell me what to talk about."
The other girls pull out their identical flavors of bubblegum and begin chewing. I sigh loudly.

I've gotta go. I'm going to die of boredom.


Wednesday October 29th Third Period 10:56am

This blonde boy with brown eyes came swaggering in here with his bangs falling in his eyes like he's so hot! PUH-LEASE. He's not even that cute.

I sit next to him. Here's what happened.
G.W.T.H.S.C. (Guy Who Thinks He's So Cool) walks into room. "Uh, is this Mr. Hollis' biology room?"
Mr. Hollis "Gabriel Jonah? You're late." Mr. Hollis barks. "And on the first day too, it's October now and you still can't get this down?"
Gabe blushes.
"Sit next to Jolie." Mr. Hollis said pointing to me. Gabe sits next to me and doesn't even turn to look at me. Instead he taps Nameless Cola Cutie #1 on the shoulder and talks up a storm with her.

I WAS SO INFURIATED!!!!! I decided at that moment I was never ever going to even look at that blonde cuckoo bird for the rest of my life. I decided that I was never going to every even think about opening my mouth to talk to him.

I looked over at him for two seconds, watching the way his blonde bangs hung in his brown eyes. Gabe is sort of cute.

You write in a journal? That's cute. I was hoping my name wasn't in your journal but I've seen it like three times

This isn't some note passer. It's my journal and I have my deepest secrets in here!

Really? If it's so secret then why on earth does it not have a lock AND why are you still on the first page?

I gave Gabe a look then snatched my journal out of his hand. He snickered and smiled at me while I pouted and turned away from him. He was really annoying me.

Tomorrow we have this trip to the Library down in Mississauga. I'm really excited and I hope I get put with the Cola Cuties.

Mr. Knots handed out these little ballot sheets. It says write down our first, second and third choices on subjects like 'Drugs and Pregnancy' and 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome' and 'Steroids and Athletes'.

I wrote down those three in order and Gabe wrote those three backwards.

Then Mr. Knots collected them and announced the group. I never really cared about the first five groups but then my blood boiled when I heard the last group, Group Six. We were supposed to be arranged by the people that wanted to do the same topics that we wanted to do.
MOI, Tammy, Lana and GABE.

HOW WAS THAT POSSIBLE!? Gabe had completely different things then me!

Lana James was this girl I knew that I used to hang out with back in the fashion-savvy-wannabes. We never talked but I seriously severed any possible connection when I joined the Cola Cuties.

I have to go loathe Gabe. Bye


Thursday October 30th Homeroom Mr. Knots 8:17am

The buses are scheduled to arrive in around an hour but all of grade eights are standing in the lobby of the school anyway. Mrs. Clementine's class included.

Gabe and Tammy have been flirting for the passed 17 minutes and it's so angering! I'm not saying that he should stop flirting with Tammy and start flirting with me, but I'd really appreciate it if he flirted with some one else. That wasn't blonde or rich or popular or Tammy.

Lana has curly red hair that used to look like a loofah when she was in grade three. She has now tamed it. She has like a million pink bowed hair clips dangling around in her hair. She was wearing a pink striped tank top with a black sweater and a white cropped jacket. Personally I thought she looked sharp except for the million hair clips in her hair, but Tammy and us Cola Cuties were all wearing matching outfits and I was freezing. Tammy insisted that we wear these matching mini dresses but her one was pink while ours were blue.

"You look cold." Lana said. Her green eyes were kind.
"I am!" I screeched "I was about to put on my black knee length jacket while Tammy momentarily shot me a death glare.

The whole Tammy and Gabe flirting thing started like this.

Tammy: Oh, Gabe, love you're jeans. Their so worn. (Tammy says she hates the skater boy look the boys all like to wear yet she's complementing Gabe on this)

Gabe: (Confused) I got them at Old Blue
Tammy: (Sucks in a sharp breath. To her Old Blue is practically the equivalent to shopping in a garbage can) I'm not saying the pants make you look hot (Twirls blonde hair around her finger) But rather you make the pants hot.

I rolled my eyes after she said that and the next thing you know they were both flirting seriously with each other. Here are bits and pieces I got from them.

Tammy: Giggle. I like Bad boys

Gabe: well I'm as bad as they come

Well the buses are here. So I'll write later. Writing about this is makes me want to puke. 8:26am

Thursday October 30th the bus 9:02am

Okay so me and Lana are sharing seats. Tammy's getting real close with Gabe and they even happen to be sitting together. Ugh, it makes me mad how all these silly boys fall in love with these blonde, skinny, girls. I mean you read about frumpy beautiful-on-the-inside girls who fall in love with their dream boy, but when am I going to see that beautiful dark skinned brunette going hand-in-hand with her dream boy?


Lana's giving me that are you okay look. But I guess she would because my eyes were bulging out of my skull and I was breathing in an abnormal way.

Me: Hi Lana. What's up?

Lana: The sky

Me: LOL. Are you excited?

Lana: How can I be excited? We're going on a trip to a library

Me:LOL. So uh...where'd you get the cropped jacket?

Lana: Winnie Winters

Me: Cool

Lana: You have a crush on Gabe don't you?

Me: No, not really, Why did you guess?

Lana: No I just guessed I mean I saw his name once so I just assumed.

Me:Oh hot damn.....

Lana: LOL

I'm putting away my journal now. Me and Lana are talking about stuff I'm actually interested in. I'll see you at the library! 9:15am

Thursday October 30th The elevator somewhere between the third and fourth floor 10:17am

After the tour-guide-woman (A.K.A. T.G.W.) gave us a boring with a capital B lecture on all the floors she let us run around. Tammy called an emergency meeting with the Cola Cuties but of course I wasn't invited. EVEN THOUGH I'VE BEEN IN THE COLA CUTIES FOR TWO FLIPPIN' MONTHS!!

Lana had to go empty her guts. She had bad sushi and couldn't eat. (Who on earth eats sushi in the morning?)

So it's just me and Gabe.

Gabe pulls off his black knit cap and his blonde curls stuck up adorably. Oh my gosh, did I actually write that? I'm going insane. "Okay let's try the fourth floor."
I walk into the elevator with Gabe. "So we're looking for stuff on Pregnancy and Drugs on the business floor?" I ask him as the door close.

His brown eyes go wide. "Are you on drugs? We're doing Athletes and Steroids!" He says.

I press the third floor button. "We're not doing that!" I yell.

He NUDGES me out of the way and presses the third floor button. "The third floor is the science floor!" He barks.
"No I was listening to the tour guide! You were to busy flirting with Tammy to focus!" I yell.

He presses all of the other buttons. "You're jealous, eh?"

"Don't be stupid, Jonah." I tell him. "I am not jealous. I've just never gotten to talk to you because you're always flirting with Tammy."

I look up at Gabe but not into his eyes. Only up to his nose and I see his full lips change from a frown to a soft smile.

"Either way, we're still doing Steroids and Athletes." He says.
"Why can you decide!?" I asked. "This is a group assignment!"
The elevator jerked up and Gabe and me fell to the ground the elevator jerks down and Gabe falls as he was trying to get up.

The lights in the elevator go dark. I swallow hard.

"Gabe look what you did!" I panicked. I looked out of the clear panels that made up the elevator doors.

"Oh so NOW it's my fault." He says. "We could've just went to the fourth floor and came back down using the stairs."

I curl into a sad ball in the corner. I put my head on top of my knees.

I hear footsteps come toward me.
"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure the library people can see us." Gabe says. "It's see through. I bet we'll be out of here before you know it."
I look up and I see Gabe in front of me. He looked at his knit cap with his brown eyes that held a sad look. He opened it and closed it.
"What are we going to do until they come to get us?" I ask Gabe.

Gabe reached over and grabbed my journal. "Let's read this."

"GABRIEL JONAH STOP RIGHT NOW!" I yell. Gabe puts down the journal. He smirks.

"Then what do you want to do?" He asks. He runs his fingers over the hearts on my journal.

"Do you like Tammy?" I ask him. We're all alone and no one can hear us. It's perfect. If he was going to confess his love to Tammy right now he might as well do this now.

"I've known the chick for a day and sure she's hot 'n' stuff, but that's too quick for me to start liking someone." Gabe said. "Who do you like?"

"Nobody." I said. It was the truth! I mean I don't like Gabe, 'cause I.......DON'T and I didn't like anybody until Gabe came. "If you get out of here promise you'll talk to me more often?"
Gabe nodded and a blonde curl rolled out of place. "Promise."
He leaned over to me and my whole heart swelled in my chest. Just when I got ready to lean 'n' lock Gabe stuck out his little pinky.

I smiled at him and hooked my pinky around his.

I've been writing and talking to Gabe for the last five minutes. About things like food and clothes, music and other things.




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