Part Three: Double, triple, quadruple trouble

Saturday November 1st Home after out shopping trip 3:44pm

Lana and I are shopping for the election party her parents are throwing. Their from Maine and their all rooting for Obama. Personally I want Obama.

"Okay so later tonight me and Asher are going to see Hot Psycho Slasher guy from beyond the grave for our date." She gushed.

"SHAQ is really sweet." I told Lana. I accidentally let my secret nick name for him slip out.

"SHAQ?" She asked. Lana raised her red eyebrows.

"He's tall and good at basketball like SHAQ." I told her as I looked around at all the clothes.
"Why not Bryant or Bosh or Jordan?" She said. "Or even Carter?!"
I lowered my voice. "Lana, do you want Asher to know you talk about him behind his back? It can be like our little code name for him." I told her.
"Good idea. So you still haven't answered my question." She said. "Gabriel Jonah: Like or not like?"

Lana was trying to drag this out of me ever since I got awfully quiet after Gabe went home that night on Halloween.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked Lana.
"'Cause I'm your friend!" Lana said. I couldn't argue with her there. I mean I didn't really have a best friend. Tammy does NOT like me and I have no one else to fall back on. Lana is my best friend.

"Okay, he's cute I'll give you that." I said to her trying to get her off of this subject. I held a red dress up to her. "What about this?"
"I'm looking for something blue." She said. "It reminds me too much of blood."

Just then I saw something that completely shook my heart. It was the rest of the Cola Cuties, but the ones who had brown hair. The other three. The girls were dressed in these frumpy ankle length skirts and super bulky XXL sweaters on their XXS bodies.

"Vendetta, Valentina and Victoria Duff! Those costumes I caught you wearing where inappropriate times two." The woman barked. OH GREAT! I guess they're triplets and I never even noticed.

Lana pinched my arm. She tried to contain her laughter.

The Cola triplet with the curly hair hissed to one with straight brown hair. "Vendetta, I told you not to go along with Tammy!" She hissed. They usually wear their hair in super high super tight ponytails and their hair reaches them down in the small of their backs, but today their hair was long and flowing down to their hips.

"Shut up, Valentina." Vendetta said. She tugged on her triplet's hair and left Valentina with a very shocked look on her face. Victoria didn't even say anything.

I guess it was too late for her to develop a personality.

Lana gasped. "They were triplets? I thought two of them were clones!"

I nodded. The rest of the day we were talking about how the Cola Clones had a secret identity. Frumpy with their mom and Unemotional and rude with Tammy. I'll talk to you on Sunday.


Saturday November 2nd At home 5:17pm

Lana and I are hiding behind some menu's in MCDONALDS. I'll fill you in right now. My mom dropped Lana and I off at the nearest MCDONALDS after we shopped.

So then we were slurping our strawberry (me) and our chocolate (Lana) milk shakes MCDONALDS When we saw Mr. Knots coming out of his yellow truck. His wavy brown hair was in a Mohawk and he was wearing a TFC jersey and a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Lana LITERALLY BACKWASHED in her milk shake. "Ew, it's Mr. Knots."

I nodded and Mr. Knots walked into the MCDONALDS and He was talking on his Blackberry. "Yeah......I was thinking Boston Pizza.....(Laugh)........No........Yeah I snuck out of the staff meeting today for you."

Lana and I both made gagging noises.

He bought a big Mac and devoured it in his truck. Then he drove off in it.

"Who do you think he was talking to?" Lana asked.

"I dunno." I shrugged. "But It has to be some one who knows that he's a teacher." I said. "He was saying something about sneaking out of a staff meeting."
"We should have recorded that and used it as blackmail!" Lana exclaimed her hand that was cold slapped to her forehead.

"So, Mr. Knots-the worst teacher in existence is dating some mystery girl." I said. "If only he was having some kind of secret affair with one of the students at the school."

"Ew, Jolie you're sick. We go to a middle school and the oldest students there are grade eights." Lana said with a slurp.

"That's my point. Mr. Knots isn't allowed to do that so her could get fired for this!" I said.

Lana smiled warming up the idea. After that we left. Lana called! Gotta go!


Sunday November 2nd My Bathroom (Actually I share it with my mom but who needs to know) 6:00pm

So Lana called and here's what she said.

Lana: Asher and I are going out tonight

Me: I know you've told me like 50 gazillion times

Lana: But Asher's friend is coming along and we've decided to make it a double date

Me: NO! Lana I am NOT coming with you

Lana: You don't even know who he could be!

Me: EXACTLY! Blind dating is for..............blind people!

Lana: He could be Gabe.

My heart stopped at that exact moment.

Me: What time?
Lana: (Laughs) Get ready for six thirty my brother Henry will be there to pick you up.

Lana's older brother Henry shouldn't even be allowed to drive a car. He's 15 and looks a lot like Lana with his red hair, just his is straight and he has blue eyes unlike his sisters warm brown eyes. But Lana tells me he's a real irresponsible guy. He drives this really nice Blue Mustang.

So I know I juts finished up getting ready I was just applying my lip gloss. I'm wearing a purple sweater dress, black tights, and a pair of creamy white boots.

I can hear honking outside. I think Henry's here. I'll talk to you after the double date.


The James Residence On the driveway 10:06pm

So when I went out side IN THE AYER by FLO RIDA was blasting from the car. I opened the car door and I felt bile rising in my throat.

It wasn't Gabe, who I was going on a date with. It was non other then Chris Montague the crustiest boy in school.


So Lana and I were together after the whole elevator and Gabe episode. We finally had some information and Chris Montague was waiting for the elevator to come down. He has straight light brown hair and green eyes. He's such a prep. I actually saw him shopping at Abercombie and Fitch one day.

The elevator opened and we all proceeded then Chris Montague stopped. (I know the whole Chris Montague thing is getting annoying but Chris has that firsty-lasty status most guys would kill for)
"Can you not go with me? I don't want the elevator to break." He said.

The T.G.W. (Tour Guide Woman!) Said that it would take six people to break the elevator so basically Chris Montague was implying that me and Lana have a collective weight of five people.

Lana and I just gaped at him. But of course everyone would seem fat to Chris Montague a guy with the weight lighter then a loaf of WONDERBREAD.


Chris Montague eyes went wide.

I pouted as I slid next to him.

Asher and Lana talked the whole rode to the movies while Chris Montague just kept brushing the dust off his jeans and picking off lint from his sweater vest. Yeah Chris Montague is a sweater vest type of guy.

When we go to the Movie's Asher said. "Four tickets to Hot Psycho Slasher guy from beyond the grave."
Asher had to be joking. Hot Slasher Psycho Slasher guy from beyond the grave was probably going to be the stupidest excuse for a horror movie ever. I've seen the previews. It's about of zombie who used to be a teen super star then he got assassinated and he wanders into some guy's tool shed and finds and chain saw and runs around killing everyone in town.

After we got our tickets we found our seats.

Chris Montague looked at me then sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I'm going to get something to eat, what should I get?"

I was going to have fun with Chris tonight. But I don't think he was going to find this quite enjoyable.
"A large popcorn with extra butter, a blue slushy, large please, and two chocolate bars." I sat down in my seat. I looked at him smiling. "You can get whatever you want for yourself."

Chris Montague gaped at me but then he ended up getting all that junk anyway.

So then the movie started. A blonde girl was walking around at night and then the slasher guy popped out and sawed her in half. It looked so fake I swear her stomach was made out of play-doh.

But you see it's the dumb girls who die first.

Near the end of the movie I wasn't even halfway done my popcorn. I looked over at Chris Montague who looked like he was about to doze off.

"Hey, Chris," I said. I nudged him. "Are you tired?"
His green eyes flared. "WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE TIRED?!" He exploded.

I was taken back. I turned my attention back to the movie screen and when I looked back at Chris Montague he was as dead as a door knob.

Dammit, he's not dead, I thought but he was knocked out ice cold.

I looked at him for a second looking at the way his chest gently rose and fell with every breath he took. I was feeling slightly peaceful but then I heard his voice in my head.

"Can you not go with me? I don't want the elevator to break." Chris had said.

I took my popcorn and slipped a few kernels underneath his sweater. Chris never even twitched.

When the movie was done and we were leaving the Movie's I saw Chris take one of the kernels out of his shirt and pop it into his mouth when he thought no one was looking.


Lana ans Asher were smiling and joking around when Henry was driving us back. Then it happened.

As we were pulling into Lana's houses driveway Henry did the stupid deed. Well actually his car did it but Henry was driving the car so it was still his fault.

Henry had mistaken the gas for the breaks and he drove right through the garage door. He just went ZOOOM-BAM! He didn't even stop half way. He just went right through the garage door. He practically parked himself in the garage.

When Henry actually found the breaks he ran out and started to rub down the hood of his Blue Mustang.

When we all cleared out I didn't see Lana and Asher, but Chris was sitting next to me.

Mrs. James ran out of the house. She's a petite brunette woman and when she came out she was in her robe, slippers and hair curlers. She took off one of her slippers and began to beat Henry with it.

I didn't hear the whole lecture but I got the parts where Mrs. James' voice rose a few octaves higher then usual.

"...Irresponsible!.....Childish Antics....tell your father.......thousands of dollars!......your lucky I don't.......wasting my time!........Give me your cell phone.....apology young man!" She barked.

I used Chris' cell phone and called my mom. She's coming to pick me up soon. Oh, here she is! Talk to you on Monday!


Since my birthday was on December 12th I've decided to add a new character. The character happens to be fairly important! For those of you who know me well, I've posted a picture of Gabriel Jonah from Jolie Johnson, he'll only be available for a week, from Dec 13th to Dec 20th so hurry up and check him out! Thanks for all of the reviews and thank the Lord God for all of the great things that happen in my life that push me to write this story. Love 3 VladGirl12