I can see the future,

But only in your eyes.

And I know for sure that it's you I need,

The only person I can believe;

With all this madness in this sick world,

It's you who lightens and straightens it up.

They say one plus one equals two,

But I say one plus one equals me and you.

Take my hand,

And close your eyes,

You and I can enjoy this ride,

Through life,

With our eyes wide shut.

Taking in the beauty,

That is our love.

[[It's not that impossible,

Not that hard at all;]]

To tell the future,

When I have you.

But that's only your eyes,

There is so much more,

Like the way you make me feel,

Like I can take the world.

You are my strength,

You are my k...ry..pton...ite,

You kept me going when no one else could.

In sickness,

And in health,

I'll be there to hold you up.

To hold you down,

When you want to fight.

I'll protect your honor,

Your pride,

And your name,

Because I know you'll do the same.

So here today,

Our hearts are one,

Beating in time,

To the rhythm of one drum.

To live

To learn

To love

And to sometimes hate.

This step we're about to take.

I fell for you all over again,

Because this is where our lives begin.