Well welcome to the kick off my Song Series. It's a collection of 1 & 2 shots inspired by &/or including a song. I figured to start off... I'd post one not based on a song. (or if it is I can't remember what it was...)

Enjoy! And tell me what you think.

Summary: Never had he been so surrounded by people and felt so alone.
Note: Had to go back and edit cuz it got messed up. I don't like imperfection I guess

Enclosed in a space wide enough to house half a Football field, Kaden could feel the body heat radiating from the people closest to him. It was comforting in an odd sort of way, he supposed.

It was here, in this mass sea of living, breathing people that he felt the most alienated.

Kaden cast his gaze around the room quickly. Everyone was talking to someone, even those who had shown up alone. Everyone except him. They milled around in pairs and groups, a part of yet separate from their surroundings.

And he, he tried. He had actually, honestly tried.

He didn't want to be part of the scenery. He wanted to be part of the life that occupied that space.

He'd gone up to people. Most ignored him. Wanted nothing to do with him. Couldn't be bothered to even spare him a glance.

Others looked at him as though he wasn't there. Like he was part of the background. An image placed strategically to enhance the visuals.

In need of a drink, he couldn't even get the bartender to take his order - she was too engrossed in playing therapist.

The twit could -

No, he mused taking a calming breath, this was no time to lose his cool.

That was alright, drinking always gave him a headache anyway.

The entire night was frustrating though. It was just...

It was as if Kaden was forgetting something.

Maybe he was just tired. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him.


He looked up and caught sight of a guy giving him a warm smile. Hesitantly, he returned it. Normally he didn't go for guys but, he needed the interaction. And lets face it, the broad shouldered brunette was cute.

Nervous when the man stood from his table and began to make his way toward him, Kaden felt his spirits lift slightly and stepped forward as the stranger neared...

Only to have him walk through him and continue on to the bar.

...through him?

No... that couldn't be right.

Could it?

Suddenly the scene wavered before his eyes...

People screamed, pushed, tried to remove themselves from the area.

Kaden brought his hand away from his aching stomach...

It was tainted with crimson blood.

His blood.

The club that had frustrated him so tonight returned to its normal gauze but the pain remained with him.

Panicking, he lowered his eyes to his own midsection. His shirt was seeping, wet from a dark substance that continued to spread.

His mind was playing tricks on him.

Because he had forgotten.

He truly was alone, trapped to the place he died.

Kaden looked around once more at the happily socializing people as the scene faded away.

For once, for now, Kaden was happy to be alone.

Was Kaden even his name?

He couldn't be sure of anything anymore...

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