Fade to Black – Original Monologue


I used to hear a gentle tap-tap-tap on my window every night when he would throw pebbles to wake me up. I used to stand in thunderstorms with him, listening to our heartbeats create music together and letting my skin be soaked through to the bone. He used to wrap his still-warm arms around my rain-chilled body when I shivered. He used to tell me he loved me every night before he climbed back out my window and onto the ground below, disappearing silently into the night.

My life was so complete then. I remember how full and happy my heart was. The only thing I remember after that is always how hard I cried as I knelt at the edge of the pool of his own blood. He always told me he loved me and that I made his life worth living. But then he turned around and slit his own wrists. He let himself bleed out, and as his life source drained from his body, my life drained out of my heart. I was nothing without him. Without him, I had nothing to live for, no reason to live. But I refused to let myself go the way he did. I couldn't, wouldn't let myself do what he always kept me from doing.

Even still, my life, my heart, my soul… they're empty now. I know why, too. It's because I never hear the soft tap-tap-tap of pebbles on my window anymore. It's because all I hear is rain and thunder in the dark sky, no more hearts beating together. It's because I can still hear him tell me he loves me one more time… one more time before the memory fades to black.

a/n: So I was bored today while I was waiting for the bell at the end of Creative Writing, and I had this great idea running through my head. I decided that somehow, I would use the line "It was because she never heard that anymore. She never heard the soft pounding of the soothing rain behind his voice. He was gone. And now the rain brought empty, loveless pain" as inspiration for something, maybe a song or a story. So sitting in my Creative Writing class near the end of second period, inspiration finally struck me and I, well, wrote creatively (lol) and ended up with something like this. 2 or 3 editings later and this is what I have to show you all! I'll be using this for my audition come next fall... I don't want to waste something like this on Competition (our Winter show that goes to the State Competition) or the Student-Directed shows because they're so small that not everyone gets a part. I want to make sure I have a good chance at getting a part in my last show (I'll be a senior next year) with a really good original monologue.