It was a cool sunny day in Badlands city, South Dakota. The sun was high in the sky and the temperature couldn't be better for outside activities. But as fate would have it, twelve-year-old Richard Joe Storm a.k.a R.J was stuck inside. He was at the South Dakota Biological Experiments Crew (S.D.B.E.C) science show.

R.J wasn't exactly a genius nor did he pretend to be one. He left that to the brains of the group he hung out with, his cousin Matt. He always hung out with his cousins because they brought out the best of him. He would joke around all the time and was almost never serious. But when it came down to it he was not to be messed with. R.J usually fought to defend what he deemed right whenever the chance presented itself. But his "justice" wasn't always the right one, and that usually got him into trouble. But he hadn't the time for that now; he was at an expensive science show.

Accompanying R.J was his friend; ten-year-old Adam Elec. Adam like R.J was a young African-American boy. He was a bit "wimpy" as everyone described him. Certainly he wasn't as brave and daring as the others. But when he got mad that frightened little boy inside went away and he was a force to be reckoned with. His anger was no joke seeing as it took a lot to get him mad enough to do anything in the first place. The one thing that mattered most to him was his family, which included his cousin Matt.

Matt Storm was Adam's cousin from his mom's side and R.J's cousin from his dad's side. Matt was the oldest of the three. Being thirteen in the tenth grade he usually took charge when the three hung out. He was a quiet type on a normal basis but he'd been known to joke around a little. But he was someone you could depend on. When he set his mind to something there was no turning him back. His determination was unmatched and he never lost sight of his goal.

That was similar to the fourth and final member of the group. Ryan Kabooma was Adam's adopted brother. At age eleven, Ryan a.k.a Ray was a clown. He was a pervert and a show-off. He loved to be the center of attention and wouldn't miss a chance to show everyone what he could do. But when he got mad there was no escaping him. His anger fueled his determination and his determination was his strength and energy. No matter what he always accomplished his objective.

So they all matched up, Matt's brains put him as the leader; R.J's fun-loving "wise-guy" personality put him as second; Ray's constant joking and showing off placed him as the group comedian; and Adam's family first attitude made him the heart of the group.