Chapter 14: Walk Alone

A hesitant hand reached for Thunder's face as he lie there on the roof. Shaking with fear, the hand grew close to his mask. Then, a firm hand clasped the frightened hand of a nosy citizen. "No free peaks," Thunder mumbled as he opened his eyes to see who was there. "It might cost you your life."

The frightened young boy jumped back, trying to free his hand. Thunder let him go and he stumbled backwards. He tripped and screamed as he tried to run away. Thunder sat up and looked over to the other heroes. The screams of the boy woke Zero and Shocker up. But Black Lightn' was still lying on the floor, still unconscious. The three slowly stood up and walked their aching bodies over to their cousin.

He was laying there, blood on his face, clothes ripped at his stomach, arms, and below his knees, his chest guard was even cracked. His energy was barely sensible. He didn't move a muscle until suddenly he began coughing. He glaringly sat up, opening only his left eye because his blood had run down over his right eye. "Wha-what happened?" he asked as he held his hand to his aching head.

"You did it," Zero whispered. "You won."

"No, no, I remember, he, he wasn't gone. He l-left."

"What?" Thunder asked almost falling over. "He got away?"

"Why'd he let us live?" Shocker asked as he helped his brother up. "I thought he wanted to kill us?"

"He did but I," Black Lightn' paused as he coughed again. "We matched up. He said he'd return, but I don't think he'll be back anytime soon. And even if he does, as soon as we heal, we're getting back to training, I won't lose again!"

"Hm, that's just like you Matt, always ready for the next challenge," Zero commented.

"Yeah, like a true warrior," Thunder added. "A Living Legend."

"We'll have to f-forget the whole c-celebrating thing, we n-need to get home and r-rest," B.L said sitting up.

"Yeah I guess I should spend my last night in South Dakota in my house," Zero said yawning.

"Last night?" Shocker asked. "You're leaving?"

"Yeah," Zero replied. "Nana says it's too dangerous out here. She says she doesn't want me anywhere near some freaks that call themselves heroes so we're moving to New Jersey to stay with mine and Matt's uncle."

"I knew it was you guys that were moving," B.L said. "David said something about someone moving to New Jersey. Well whatever, first we need to get home."

"All right let's head out," Thunder said floating up into the air. The others soon joined him in the air all ready to go home. "Peace!" Thunder said with his two finger salute. Zero returned the salute and slid off on his own way while the other four flew off.

I can't believe it's finally over, Ryan thought to himself. We won but it doesn't feel like anything. I feel like something's missing.

I sure hope Mom's not woke, Adam thought to himself. I can't risk getting caught and getting in trouble. I don't want to have to move like R.J.

This is crazy, R.J thought to himself. I can't believe we finally won and now we can't even celebrate our victory. Still, I guess it's better that we have a victory to not celebrate then the other option there would've been.

Finally the four reached their homes and crawled into their beds. They were finally done with their fighting. Finally able to rest, they greatly rejoiced lying in their beds. They rested as the night passed on to the next day of their adventures.

The next day Matt woke up to his cell phone ringing. "Hello?" he answered.

"Hey Matt it's me Ricky," came a reply.

"What's up?" Matt asked.

"Well I'm just checking to see what happened the other day. You just ran off without saying anything."

"Oh, I just went to go talk to Sara E.," Matt replied.

"Alright then. Did you guys decide when to meet up and work on our experiment for real?"

"Nah, I kicked her out of the group."

"What? Why'd you do that?"

"Because she's no good. She was just trying to get a good grade out of us, that lazy piece of crap."

"I thought you liked her," Rick said confused.

"I did until I heard her talking crap about us over the phone."

"She was talking shit about me too?"

"Yeah, I'm telling you man, she's a two-faced-"

"Asshole! She's a two-faced asshole! If you hadn't already kicked her out of the group, I would go and really kick her and tell that bitch she's out of the group!"

"Yeah then she brought up something about getting me beat up," Matt continued.

"What the hell? She's lucky she's a girl or I'd go kick her ass right now!"

"I already told her if she does that first I'll beat up whoever she sends and then I'm going after her."

"Cool," Ricky said finally calming down. "But anyways, what are we going to do about our experiment?"

"Oh I uh, I already did it."

"You did?"

"Uh yeah, it's done."

"Cool what'd you do?"

"Oh I, I'll show you later just meet me at my house later on."

"Why not now Matt?" Ricky asked.

"Matt," a call came from outside his door. "Get up and get ready to go."

"I got to go," Matt said to Ricky. "My cousins are leaving to New Jersey and we're going to see them at the airport one last time."

"Alright then, I'll come by in a couple of hours."

"Cool then," Matt replied.

"Alright, see you later."

"Later." Matt climbed out of his bed and flew up to his light bulb and pulled it out. Then he zapped up a screw and a flashlight. He broke the outsides of the light bulbs and put the screw inside. Then he created a small electric field around the screw and molded it until it shaped like a person. then he zapped the screw and the wires from the bulbs. The electricity surrounded the screw and it looked like a person charging up. "Experiment done," Matt said setting the experiment on his bed.

Moments later everyone was finally ready to leave. Everyone had gotten dressed up to go the airport. R.J's family turned out to see him, Nana, and Veronica one last time. Even Adam and Ryan showed up with Matt.

They arrived half an hour early so that they could have more time to say their goodbyes. The adults all sat and cried, talking in the parking lot. During this time, Ryan and the other boys decided to go for a short walk; they'd grown bored of hearing the sobbing.

I as they walked around the waiting room they talked of course about their group. "I can't believe it's actually over," Ryan said walking beside Adam.

"I know, it seems like we just barely started," Adam replied.

"So this is how it all ends?" R.J asked. "I never saw this coming. The Legendary Warriors splitting up like this."

"Yeah that's right, all four of us split up," Ryan said.

"What are you talking about?" Adam asked.

"Mom said we're moving to Rapid City because there are too many freaks here," Ryan replied.

"When are we moving?" Adam asked.

"She had these plans ever since that incident with Nefarious. She said we're moving tomorrow. Mom said she's going to pay Matt and David to help us."

"Well we can still come out here to help Matt out right?" Adam asked with hope. "After all we are the Legendary Warriors."

"No," Matt interrupted. "You two can work together if you want. As for me, from now on I walk alone." Matt walked off while the others stood there shocked by his words. Matt left back towards the adults all by himself. The others stood around thinking about what they were going to do now that they were no longer the Legendary Warriors.

"Flight B-27 to New Jersey, ready to board," an announcement was made.

"That's us," R.J said grabbing his bag. His phone rang and he answered with, "Hello?"

"R.J come on the plane's about to leave," Nana replied.

"I know I'm on my way." He put his phone in his pocket and looked to Adam and Ryan. "Well this is it guys, lets go!"

"Right!" the others responded. They all started running, R.J dragging his bag. They began racing to the boarding room. "Doors closing in thirty seconds," another announcer warned. Nana and Veronica stood at the entrance signaling for R.J to hurry up. R.J created a thin invisible layer of ice and slid his way onto the plane. Ryan and Adam stopped running and stood at one of the building's windows. The flight attendant gave the signal and the door was shut.

R.J took his seat on the plane and looked out the window. Immediately he spotted Ryan and Adam. He even noticed Matt walking over with his hands in his pockets. He stood behind Adam and Ryan and looked out the window. The pilot made an announcement and the plane was ready to leave. R.J waved his final goodbye to the others and Ryan and Adam gave a two-finger salute back. Matt looked on and nodded his head. R.J nodded back with a small smile on his face, he knew what Matt meant.

This is it, the four boys thought to themselves simultaneously. The plane began to roll back. But no matter what, they continued. The plane rolled forward as it prepared to take flight. We're WARRIORS TO THE END...