I pile the yellow and red leaves up,
I like to throw myself between them.
It feels as if I'm a child again though
I can't return to those simple days.

But this autumn is more silent than ever,
even if the loneliness is screaming louder
in the distraught room of my gloomy mind.

I know, it's no good to get used
to the melody of these tears,
especially if they aren't of happiness.
That's why I've got to understand…

We cling to things we'll lose someday
'cause we think they're valuable;
they're nothing more than a withered rose
on the canvas in blank of a picture
we can't keep painting.

In my broken dreams, I can hear
the echoes from somewhere I don't know
and the only baggage is my heart,
so empty, but so heavy 'cause of
all the crosses (memories) one has to bear.

I always fall asleep as if
I could never wake up again,
since there's nobody who keeps me safe
from the shadows chasing me,
but I meet a new day even if I don't
feel as alive as I used by your side.

I try to put our story into a picture but
I just get to paint your profile since
I don't remember how your features are,
perhaps you were sad or you were happy,
who knows? But yourself.

Angels don't exist, not in this sad time
that's why people are alone
in this short journey that's life.

Your bittersweet sentence stuck in my heart,
still I put my hand against my chest without
understanding the meaning of its pain,
but from the bottom there's something true
in your untrue words that makes me think,
you never could realize what I did.

You were always by my side, like a fallen angel.
So angels exist in this sad time where
everybody learns to wear a smile.

Now I wish for the leaves to stop falling;
they're like feathers flying everywhere
and a blue feather falls on the unfinished picture.
It seems the lonely profile in it has wings.
I run my finger against the surface of the canvas and
I close my eyes, I feel like flying with you.

What if we aren't angels from paradise anymore?
I'm glad I have to fall with you
between the pile of leaves
and return to those simple days.