AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was extremely Bored. So.... This is what came out of my brain. Creepy.

~ Chapter 1 ~

Dullainna walked quickly down the hall way to her mentor's room. It had been an emergency, so she had been told by Dorn the messenger, that playfully put a spell on himself, and accidentally turned himself into a cat.

Dullainna pushed on the door to her mentor's chamber. Their were no locks in the tower, so only people unlike Dullainna's mentor had locks. Dullainna heard her mentor scream in frustration, she wonder what was happening. Dullainna rushed to were her mentor was and said with a worried expression.

"What is the matter, mentor Leuda? Has a spell gone wrong? Have you kill one of those magical spiders that cause human flesh to be invisible?" "NO!" said her mentor, Leuda. "I am….dieing." Dullainna stood there, with shock. "But….how? How could you be dieing? Nothing would have caused it. Those purple mutant frogs didn't do anything… HOW COULD YOU BE AT THE GATES OF DEATH?" she shouted, forcing tears to flee. "Quiet dear!" Leuda said, pressing a hard finger to Dullainna's lips.

"I am not dieing yet. I am just dieing slowly. Very, very, very slowly. Dulla, my apprentice. There are things in this world that are so different from what you think. I will still be here for a time. I just will not be here for…long."

Dullainna gulped. "But… what will happen to me? Is there anyway I can prevent your death from happening?" she asked.

"There is none that I would let you risk, for your sake." she said.

Dullainna flushed with anger. "But don't you want to live? Isn't life itself a wonderful thing to be in that you would want more?"

Her mentor chuckled, with an amusement that seemed like an inside joke.

"Get Rayvurn I must speak with him alone." she said, suddenly serious again. Dullainna responded with a quick nod and then rushed to another room.

Rayvurn was the same age as her, and she was only at the age of a Maedo, which meant sixteen. Rayvurn was an elf. Dullainna was never told what an elf was. She had wondered all of her life. No one else spoke about the 'elf' things. She wondered if it meant something special, or something bad. Did elf mean depression? Because she seriously thought that that was what it meant. He hadn't done much, talked much, ate much or anything much for that reason. Dullainna tried to learn about the word elf at the magical library, but she was told strictly never to do it again.

Therefore that is why she thought that the word elf meant something bad. She had wondered if it was a swear word when she was little, but then she heard no one say it when they cursed, so that theory was gone, and because then he was a curse, and that didn't make a lot of sense. She burst into his chamber, without even knocking. Trying to breath she yelled, "Rayvurn? Rayvurn!" she saw him sitting on a chair staring at her with wide eyes as if she had scared him half to death. He was holding his pet, called a miniature dragon. She knew that because she had asked him one day. The dragon was dark green with many teeth and thousands of shiny miniature scales.

"Mentor Leuda—" she was going to say 'is DIEING!' but she didn't— "she wants to have a word with you." Rayvurn sighed. "Now?" he said mournfully. "YES!" Dullainna said, louder than she had wanted. Rayvurn's miniature dragon jumped off of his lap and Rayvurn stood up. He walked to where Dullainna was and passed her, with his mini dragon right beside him.

Rayvurn walked into mentor Leuda's chamber. "Mentor Leuda?" he asked. Leuda turned to him. "I'm dieing." she suddenly said in shock. Rayvurn raised in eyebrow. "Are you on new medication or something?" he asked. "No! I am REALLY dieing!" Leuda said. Rayvurn sat down on a chair and his dragon jumped on his lap. "What do you mean?" he asked. Leuda crossed her hands. "Rayvurn I can't explain everything! I need you to do something for me. You must travel to the Hilled Mountain to get the book." Rayvurn stared at her. He had problems, I never looked, he always stared. "What Hilled Mountain? There is no Hilled Mountain in Isgain."

"Of course not!" snorted Leuda. "The Hilled Mountain is where… well, where your kind live." Rayvurn's dragon perked up, interested. "My kind? I thought—" said Rayvurn, but was quickly interrupted. "Well, duh, where DID you think you came from? No human women bore you in her stomach!" she said. Rayvurn looked (correct error: stared) at her. "Where is the Hilled Mountain? What town? What land?" he asked. Leuda smiled. "That is an interesting subject!" she snapped her finger and then said. "The Hilled Mountain is in Lowearia, it is only a few miles away, but you cannot walk, you must run."

Rayvurn sighed. He HATED to run. Leuda sighed at his reaction. "Well, think of it on the bright side! Dulla will be going with you!" she said, smiling. "Dullainna? I can't go with her? Why would I go with her? She's—" "She's what?" asked Leuda, raising an eyebrow. "She's a …." —he looked disgusted— "a …girl!" Leuda smiled. "What's so wrong about that? You scared?" she asked. Rayvurn frowned at her joke. "You seem awfully happy even though you know death is coming." He pointed out. Leuda frowned. "Why wouldn't I be? Rayvurn, I AM really dieing slowly. If you don't get this book to me, destiny will be in your hands and Dulla's!" she said, "You will find the book at the top of the mountain. Now pack and go!" she said, and then summoned him to leave. He left.