AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wanted something to happen. So this was the best idea I could think of... (pretty LAME....right?)

~ Chapter 4 ~

They had been walking for a long time when they saw an old man sitting on a tree stump. He seemed fairly human. They walked passed him, but that Ella turned around. "Are you poor?" she asked. The old man looked up at her. He smiled with amusement, showing some golden teeth. "Yes I am young missy." he said. "Oh." Ella said. Dullainna waned to grab her and get them far away from the creepy old man, but she didn't. Rayvurn waited impatiently. Ella reached for her purse and grabbed a silver coin and then extended her hand to give it to the man. The man jerked her hand towards him and put her in a head lock.

"If you ever want to see her again, you'll have to pay the price!" Ella looked mad at the old man, "I give you a coin and this is how you treat me?" she asked. The old man laughed. "Yeah." and then he disappeared. Dullainna twitched, and Rayvurn ran to were they had been. "Dangit!" he said. "What are we going to do? We can't just…" Dullainna looked down. There was Ella's Blue Toad staring at her. Dullainna took a step back. "She left her frog." she said. "I am NOT a frog! I am a Blue Toad!"

"Did that thing just…?" asked Rayvurn. Dullainna nodded. "What? You didn't think I could talk?" asked the toad. "Uh, well, in our land, frogs…uh, TOADS don't exactly …talk." Dullainna said. "Oh." the toad's voice was noticeably a male's. "Where did Ella go?" Dullainna asked. "The Icicle will tell you where." the toad responded. "The icicle?" asked Rayvurn. "What the heck is THE ICICLE? It's not even cold out." he said. The toad croaked. "What?" asked Rayvurn. It croaked again, and then looked at the ground. "Why won't you talk to us anymore?" Dullainna asked. It said nothing. Dullainna grabbed the blue toad and then they decided to head back to the village. The Blue Toad jumped out of Dullainna's arms and pounced the other way. "I think he's trying to tell us that we're suppose to got that way." Dullainna said. "What? How can you be sure? The Toad's just weird." Rayvurn said, then suddenly his miniature dragon snorted and joined the blue toad. Dullainna crossed her arms and tilted her head.

Rayvurn grunted and then said: "Fine, fine, let's follow my dragon and the crazy blue frog or whatever it is." he said.

After a while of walking and following the mini dragon and "crazy" blue toad they reached a house. The Blue toad stopped. It just stopped. "Is this where we are suppose to be?" asked Rayvurn. "I'm I think so." said Dullainna. They both walked towards the door. Dullainna knocked on the door. "Coming!" she a female's voice. She opened the door. This female elf had puffy red hair, she was wearing a black breaches and a big black shirt. "What do you want? What is your business with The Icicle?" she asked. "We… we need help." said Dullainna. "Our friend has been captured and her frog— toad told us to see the Icicle." The lady smiled. "I see. The Icicle will see you now." The lady let them in.

"Oh my!" Another women said. She had pure white hair, and yet her youth was still there. She looked as if she was in her twenties. "That's MY blue toad!" she said,. "Really?" asked Dullainna, looking at Ella's blue toad. "we didn't know, it was our friend's. The friend we need help finding." The white-haired women looked confused. "Come, sit down. My name is Icicle. The Icicle. What are yours?" she asked. "I'm Dullainna." "I'm Rayvurn." "Alright," The Icicle said, smiling. "Who was your friend?" Dullainna blinked quickly. "Her name was really long, like Gracie Belinda Emma.. Or something like that. We called her Ella." The Icicle looked hurt and angry. "Dang her!" she said, with rage. "I sent that enchanted Blue Toad to help her and protect her!" she said, then she turned her rage on them. "And YOU let this happen? How could you? How DARE you?!" she said. "I…I don't get what is going on. We were only here to get a book. Nothing more." Dullainna said. The Icicle froze. "Book? What book?" she said with a new interest. "A… just a book. My mentor wanted it." Dullainna said. "We you please help me… us to find Ella?" she asked. The Icicle sat back down. "Yes, I will." she said.

"I will talk to the Blue Toad and it will tell me were "Ella" went." The Icicle said. "Thank you." said Dullainna. "No problem. I want Ella's safety as well as anyone else." "What do you mean… as well as anyone else?" asked Rayvurn, as The Icicle pushed them out of them room. The Icicle held the door. "She is Princess of ALL Lowearia. She is the only living heir to take the throne. Dears, you just found the runaway we have been searching for, for over a month!" The Icicle said and then closed the door. "A princess? Ella is a princess?" asked Dullainna. She realized it now, there had been clues, being a pure elf, muttering in her dreams talking about not calling her Princess. It was all clear. Ella was a Princess. And she was lost.