The sound of my feet on the cobblestone street echoed all the way to my door, though I was still fifty paces from reaching it. I sighed heavily, looking up to the moonless sky with weakening eyes. One last time, and then I would leaveā€¦for good this time.

My hand touched the door softly and I closed my eyes. Though I could not breach the entrance, I could feel the warmth lingering in the home. Love, was it called? Did they still refer to it as that? I shook my head now; clearly I had spent too long away, forgetting words. Although, there were some words that monsters could do without.

I peered through the window. A roaring flame had once existed, the embers still glowing fiercely, refusing to die. I chuckled at this as I ascended to the second floor, calmly placing on my palm on the window, watching the bed sheet move up and down with every breath. She had moved on, since I hadā€¦disappeared.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with memories. I could see myself, standing beside her on one cool summer night, counting stars and the minutes until dawn. My hand fidgeted in my pocket, and I couldn't help but smile and watch her every movement: entranced. My stupor was broken by her kiss, but when I knelt down at that moment, she began to cry. I hadn't even removed the ring from my pocket when she tackled me, screaming "Yes! Yes! I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you!" If only she knew how short my own life would be.

I felt a twinge of sorrow, and I knew a tear was rolling down my cheek, though no emotion was left in me to trigger this.

Nostalgia: that was the word.

I closed my eyes and leapt back down; they would see no trouble from me tonight. I took in a deep breath of cold night air, no, not tonight, not ever. I had learned a few things in my so-called death, and as silly as it sounds, I did a bit of maturing, though I no longer aged. I wanted to laugh at my own joke, but I knew I'd feel silly hearing it echo around me. Pursing my lips I fled back into the dark, across the stones, down the alleys, and out of the city.

Would I return? Perhaps one day. One day, when I had learned that life really wouldn't be bad as a monster.

I had always wanted to be special.

Now I was.