You feel giddy. Exhilarated. Hot. Horny, even. But most of all you feel love. You knew from the first time you met him you had wanted this. You knew the first time you touched his hand, when electricity shot through you, you wanted him. You needed for him to love you. Yet, he never did.

Until now.

You were watching a movie together and he moved slowly. Beginning with placing his hand on your knee, he slowly slid it further and further up your leg, making you instantly hard. Your breathing hitched the further up the hand travelled. It wandered back towards your knee again, teasing you, driving you crazy. At one point he was so dangerously close to your throbbing erection you thought you would cum right then and there. But you restrained yourself, enjoying the shocks and shivers flowing through your body.

Then, his teasing got the better of you and you pulled him down into a long, heated kiss. At first he didn't respond to you, probably due to complete shock. When he did, you thought you would explode with happiness. You had wanted to kiss him for so long and not only were you kissing him but he was kissing you back. Your tongue flicked out and tried to prise his lips open. Obediently, he opened his mouth and allowed you to slide it in. the tip of his tongue touched yours as he lightly sucked on it, making you gasp. The need for air was beginning to get to you. You had to breathe, but you didn't want to pull away from the best, most passion-filled kiss of your life.

Slowly, regrettably, you pulled away, panting like a dog. You looked over at him, noticing a small glow was emitting from his face. This was the first time you had seen him glow. You smile knowing it was you who had caused it. His lips are red, puffy and bruised. Yours must look the same. His deep, hazel green eyes stare back into your ocean blue ones. His, you noticed, were slightly darker with lust. There was pain in them also, from the previous relationship he had just been booted out of yesterday. However, you didn't see love. Not knowing how to feel about it you break the gaze from his eyes. You loved him so much. Yet, even if you didn't want to admit it, he didn't love you. You were just his rebound guy. His one night stand, quick fuck guy. Everything you didn't want to be.

He leans over you and whispers in your ear. His words making your already hardened self, harder. "I want you"

All previous thoughts about what you saw in his eyes were banished from your mind. Instead, you found your head leaning to one side as he was sucking on it gently. You gasped as he bit down on it slightly, leaving his mark. He kissed it as though apologising then sucked on it once more.

You find you can't take his teasing any longer. You need him. And now. You're not sure how, you're not sure when but you found yourself straddling his hips on the sofa, kissing him once again. Breaking away you stood up and pulled him up with you by the hips. You then grabbed his tie and pulled him into the bedroom across the hall in your apartment.

You entered it in a flurry of heated kisses and careless footing, colliding with various objects along the way.

That's how you got where you are right now. Laid upon the bed, resting your dirty blonde head upon your closed fist, watching the little show he was putting on for you. You're watching him perform a little striptease for you in awe. You feel your heart rate get faster and faster as his chest, hips, bum and legs are revealed to you at and excruciatingly slow pace. When he reaches for the waistband of his boxers you feel yourself twitch in anticipation, almost drooling with the amount of sex appeal he contains. But he stops. You whine in frustration and annoyance, getting fed up of his teasing.

He smirks at you. He knows what he is doing to you, and he is taking full advantage. Its almost like him teasing you is his fuel. His high. Something, he can't stop. You try your hardest to glare at him, trying to tell him to get them off without actually using words. Instead, he walks over to the bed and pushes you back, getting on top of you and kissing you full on the lips.

He pulls away, smiling down at you. "These need to come off," he whispers in your ear whilst tugging on your tie. Your tie is pulled off quickly and discarded somewhere near the bed. He then goes to where your top button lies. Slowly, once again teasingly, he undoes each one, his lips following the trail made by his hands. Your shirt is quickly discarded of too. When your jeans have also been dragged off you, you are waiting, not so patiently, in anticipation of what is about to take place.

He hooks his thumbs in your boxers waistband and you feel like you need to make sure this is what he wants. He did, after all have a purity ring. "Kevin," you begin breathlessly, "are you sure about this? I mean you do have a purity ring. Am I really worth you breaking your vows for?" You look into his eyes again. The same, lust-filled passion is still there. He nods quickly before ridding you both of your boxers. You are not sure which question he is saying yes to, apart from the obvious one, yet you hope it is the last one. Somewhere within you you know he loves you. Deep down, you hope it is true.

Making quick work of slicking himself with lube he gets back on top of you. However much you want to feel his tight ass around your throbbing erection you know it's his first time. It isn't yours. You let him top because you know he wants to be the dominant one. You know he likes to be in control of any situation, why should this be any different?

Forgetting all about foreplay he thrusts into you without warning, without stretching you so it hurts you more. You try to reason with yourself, he wouldn't know about stretching you because it's his first time and he has probably never watched that much porn. It doesn't stop your sharp intake of breath or the painful whimper that emits from your mouth though. He stops moving for a second, to allow you time to adjust.

"I'm sorry, jay. Are you okay?" he asks in concern. You feel the need to blurt out, 'you just thrust into me without preparation, how would you feel is I stuck a thick stick up your ass?' but you don't. You just nod slowly; keeping your eyes squeezed shut for a moment.

The burning pain subsides slightly as you get used to the intrusion. "Move," you whisper, barely audible. But he hears you, and begins to rock his hips back and forth slowly, hesitantly even. Then, the thrusting begins. He builds up a steady rhythm, getting faster and faster. Your pain eventually dulls to a slight throb as your body gives way to pleasure, eliciting moans of ecstasy from both of you.

You feel him slow but get rougher as he nears his peak and your hand travels down towards your own erection, helping yourself along by stroking it in time with his thrusts. That is your undoing. You emit one long, loud moan as you are pushed over the edge, shooting your load onto your hand and some landing on his chest. Kevin follows you shortly after. He collapses on top of you, physically drained. You wrap your arms around him, enjoying his sweaty body against yours.

After he pulls out he lays next to you. Your arms are still wrapped around him. you speak no words for no words can compare to what you have experienced. You hear his breathing even out, indicating he is asleep.

"I love you," you whisper, kissing his forehead. You don't know when but at some point you fall asleep, hoping he is still there when you wake up.


The next morning you wake up to the sound of your apartment door closing with a snap. That's when you know. He left. He couldn't handle facing you in the morning so he just left. Sighing in defeat you look over at the night stand where your clock lies. 6:00. he made sure to leave long before you usually wake up. Tears spring to your eyes as you realise what you were to him. The rebound guy. The one night stand. The fuck and leave guy. Everything you didn't want to be.

You, Jesse Pyttsmark were in love with your best friend, Kevin Gillenhall, and he took advantage of that. You should have known it was too good to be true.

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