I could feel the smirk forming on his face as I stared directly infront of me, refusing to meet his gaze.

Suddenly, he unbuckled his seat belt, lifted up the arm rest, and moved closer.

The awkward, but needed gap between us was now filled, and I could smell the scent of him even more now.

Damn him, and the good-smelling cologne he uses.

I must have been brave at that moment because I finally caught his eyes, and there was a haze forming over his blue contacts as he continued to stare at me.

He moved closer, pleading with his eyes and lips, motioning with body language that was telling me to go for it. Reluctantly, I inched toward him, holding my breath uncomfortably.

If he wasn't so cute, I would have been able to deny and resist him. There was no way I could turn away as his blue eyes connected with mine as our lips slowly locked.

Everything I was against, everything I never wanted any part of, was all blown from my mind at that very moment. Things my friends told me didn't seem to piece together and I basically lost all control I had on this situation.

The soothing warmth against my lips was undeniable. His hand linked with mine, rubbing his thumb against the fabric of my jeans on my thigh. He seemed to be asking permission with his tongue, and me being almost goo-like, I accepted without hesistation.

But something did click in my head at that moment. I placed my hand on his shoulder, slowly pushing him back and he groaned as he broke away from my lips.

"I barely know you." I muttered, resting my head against his forehead, my eyes closed.

"I'm Ian."

I smirked, and he rubbed his nose against mine, returning my smirk with one of his own.

There was just something about him that I could not explain. When I first saw him, the first day of Us History, I thought nothing of it. He was just a guy I had heard of. A guy that broke hearts, and had a reputation a mile long.

I swore never to give in to the charm he had used on so many girls before.

But I failed.

He did something tragic to me. He smiled at me from across the room and things felt okay. I left my guard down and let him in.

I found myself with a heart that was fluttering inside everytime he entered the room, said my name, or waited for me after class.

As much as I grew to like him, I never pictured him interested in a girl like me.

But here I am, sitting in his car on Halloween, leaving for a week long cruise tomorrow morning.

"Obviously." I murmured, as he rest his head against my shoulder, an arm slipping around my waist.

The few moments of silence that passed were tension-free and they were comfortable as I listened to our steady breathing in his quiet, parked car that was in his driveway.

He glanced up at the time and realized I had to go home.

"So," he began, getting out of his car and walking to the front of my house with me. We walked half way down my driveway when he stopped, and leaned up against a tree.

I gave him a questioning look and raised my eyebrow but I finally gave in as he did a "come here" motion with his finger.

He was so incredibly, unbelievably, and extremely cute. In fact, he was the cutest thing on this earth and I curse him for being apart of my weakness at this point.

"Can I have a hug?" he whispered, holding his arms out as I slowly leaned into him, trying to steady myself on the uneven ground. I wasn't successful and I crushed my body against his, feeling the spark between us.

It caused the butterflies in my stomach to increase dramatically.

I hate butterflies.

"Kiss me." he whispered again, pulling back slightly to hover his lips just above mine. I had self control this time and I leaned in slowly, pulling away from him to tease him.

He frowned. "That's not nice..." The blue in his eyes were piercing as he focused his gaze on my lips.

"I'm not nice." I said vaguely.

He chuckled, pulling me closer against him into another hug. "You're so cute, being reserved."

"I try."

"You succeed."

The wind blew past us, causing goosebumps to form on the back of my neck as I nestled my face into the crook of his neck.

The tall, black-haired boy with the clearest blue eyes tightened his grip on me, arms resting on the small of my back. I felt so relaxed and I didn't want this moment to end.

This was slowly coming to an end as the night got colder, and the time grew later. "I have to pick up my brother at 10", he said as we walked from my house to the haunted house a block away. When we got there, I instantly held onto him as a Michael Myer look-alike stalked around me. "I got you," Ian said, gripping my waist tightly.

10 o'clock came quicker than I wanted and we stood outside the driver side of his car, his eyes looking nowhere except at mine. "Have fun on your cruise," he said as I stood on my tip-toes to wrap my arms around his neck. "I'll try," I said, walking around from him after a quick kiss, refusing to look back at him for the fear of showing my weakness.

I saw his car drive past me and at that moment, I knew that this was just a game. Nothing would come from this. A week later I would be home, and everything that happened tonight...would be nothing because he is the guy that every girl wants to change. He is the guy that every girl hopes he'll turn out to be different their time around. He is the guy that I actually tried to change as well, and I'm just the girl that failed miserably...just like the others.

I gave into his generic charm.