Crystalline-blue eyes fluttered close as he paced, hands wrung together nervously. The demon was visibly trembling, though there was none in the small room to see. He turned rather abruptly and settled on the edge of the bed, fingers running through his hair.

"Okay…Joshua, I…No. Will you- Ahh…" A short growl cut the air as Tzuku stood once more and began his pacing. Slipping his hand in his pocket, he pulled out a gold band and glanced at it. The demon chewed on his bottom lip as he stared at the thin metal. It had taken two days to craft it as the blacksmith was less than helpful, but it had been worth it. The flawless gold glimmered in the candle light as he turned it over in his hand. The inscription on the inside was simple; 'always and forever'. It made him smile.

The demon sighed softly as he turned towards the door. He would have to do it sooner or later, so he might as well get it over with. Tzuku chuckled at his own thoughts. "Like I'm going to my death…" Opening the door, he stepped out into the dark hall, closing it slowly behind him. Tucking the ring back in his pocket, he started off down the hall, his expression one of troubled concern.

"Alright T…Once more. Joshua, I have always…No that won't- Josh, we've known each other… " He fell silent as he walked, shaking his head. Everything he was coming up with sounded terrible. Joshua wouldn't say what he hoped; he would just laugh. And that was something he couldn't deal with right now.

Although the demon wasn't part of the household, Joshua had his own room. Tzuku had told his father that the bard's musical talent was worth keeping him there and surprisingly, it worked to convince the demon. Ever since, he would make nightly visits to the older demon's room, but this night…this was a special night. Stopping at the door, he ran his fingers along the smooth wood before knocking lightly.

Silence answered him.

Waiting a few seconds, he slowly opened the door and peered inside, surprised to see it empty. That was rather unusual; especially since the demon didn't know his way around. Closing the door, he started off down the hall, hands clasped in front of him. There was only one other place Tzuku knew him to be…he would have to try the empty room…

His steps were slow as he walked, his mind milling over the room. Joshua had found it on his first night; which surprised Tzuku as the demon had trouble finding it himself. A smile crossed his face as he remembered how happy Joshua looked when he stumbled across the stained glass door. Yes, he had to be there.

It took a few minutes to reach the room, but the demon began to smile once more. Humming.

He was in there.

Not even bothering to knock, he walked into the empty room, his gaze locked on the person leaning against the door opposite him.

"Isn't it…just so beautiful?"

"Yes, and the door's nice too."

Tzuku shifted his gaze to the reflection and perked up when he caught glimpse of a smile.

"Why must you always say things like that, Tzuku?"

"I speak only the truth. But that's beside the point. Joshua, we must talk."

The expression in the glass turned serious before Joshua bothered to look at him. A curious tone was in his voice as he spoke, though his face showed worry. "What about, love?"

Tzuku moved over to the corner and slid down it, settling himself on the floor. After a few seconds, Joshua joined him, his white eyes turned on the demon.

"We've known each other for a while…And, well…I dearly love you."

Joshua gave an amused smile and placed one arm around Tzuku's shoulders, drawing him against his chest. "And I you. Is that what you wanted to speak about? I already know-"

"No. Um…" The demon fell silent as he pulled away from the bard, his bright gaze turned to the floor. "Joshua, can you please stand up." Curious, he stood with question. Tzuku relaxed slightly. At least he wasn't arguing; something the demon was prone to doing. Tzuku remained knelt and glanced up at him, a sad smile crossing his features.

"We've…I…Joshua, I love you more than anything in this world and…Well, I…" He reached into his pocket, pulling out the delicate band. He was visibly trembling as he held it up to the demon. "I would wish nothing more than for you to be mine."

Joshua stared down as the demon, shock etched on his face. When Tzuku said they needed to talk, he didn't think he meant this. His legs gave out and he collapsed in front of the younger male, tears quickly forming in his eyes. He blinked some of them back, the rest slipping down his cheeks.

"Oh Tzuku, yes… Yes, I will."