Owen stared out at the beauty. He didn't get to see sunlight very often. Only once or twice a year, the sunlight hit the mountain just right, so that the light was refracted against the crystals embedded in the cave walls, and fill the normally dim cavern.

He supposed this light wasn't as bright as direct sunlight, but the way it glittered against the cave was a beauty unlike anything he'd ever seen on the surface. Sure, the air might have smelled somewhat musty, but it was warm, and it smelled like home in a personal way Owen had never associated with chocolate chip cookies or gingerbread or any of those typical scents that were supposed to belong to home.

Owen couldn't remember what chocolate chip cookies or gingerbread were. He was sure that he'd never associated them with home, though.

Warm, soft hands wrapped around the chest, and sweet lips planted a quick kiss on his cheek. "I wasn't sure where you'd gone, love," Yasmin whispered in his ear. "I was worried, for a minute or two."

"You shouldn't have worried," Owen answered. "I'll always come home to you. I wouldn't be able to resist, otherwise."

Yasmin leaned against him from behind, and simultaneously held him up with her body weight. They both looked out across the cavern, and Yasmin asked, "Is that sunlight?"

"Yeah," Owen answered. He pointed out the beams of light so she could see how they were reflected into the cave. "It's just a little bit of it, coming from up there, and that rock there spreads it over the whole cavern. The real sun is much brighter. It can even burn your skin if you work in it too long."

Yasmin grunted, then announced. "I don't like it. Too dangerous. Besides, this here is too bright. It hurts my eyes. I wouldn't want to see more." Owen remembered that Yasmin had been born in the cavern, and had never been above ground, or seen the sun directly.

He spun around, careful not to break the comforting link her hands had formed around his waist. "I think it's very pretty," he confessed as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Not as pretty as you, though."

Yasmin smiled the way she always did when she was flattered. For the first time, Owen found himself wondering if the smile was genuine. His brother and sister had raised the first seeds of doubt in his mind, so that after decades or years or however much bliss they'd shared, Owen suddenly found himself second-guessing his heart and harboring suspicions about her love.

Then, Yasmin kissed his chin, and rested her head on his chest. She made a half-sighing sound that might have been classified as a purr, and all Owen's doubts dissipated. The only way a person could be that happy was if they were with their lover, and Yasmin couldn't fake the sort of love she broadcast to him right now.

"What have you been up to all afternoon?" he asked, cupping her chin so he could gaze into her beautiful eyes.

"Just taking care of the children," Yasmin said. "Like usual. They're all asleep now." Her eyes flashed at the implication.

Owen smiled. "A quiet afternoon at home would be nice," he conceded.

"I've already built a fire in the fire place," Yasmin said, completing the thought. "We could sit and watch it, instead of this sunlight." She crinkled her nose at the last word, as if Owen wasn't already aware of her disgust.

He laughed. "That sounds wonderful," he announced.

Arm in arm, the lovers left the cave to return home. Owen's doubts were temporarily forgotten. Since meeting Yasmin, he'd been happy: truly happy. He'd never known anything like this in the other world, and he didn't much care about the other world's suspicions and innuendo. All he needed as Yasmin and his family, and he was happy.

They left the sunlight behind, and didn't think of it again.

The end.