The sun finally started to peek through the window of my bedroom. The tiny rays of light woke me from my long slumber. I opened my eyes and looked around the tiny room. It was still early but it was also a Sunday, no school. I stretched my sore muscles out then jumped off my bed. I checked myself in the mirror. Still looking good as always. Then I headed downstairs where I could smell Mama cooking something really good. By the smell I think Belgian waffles were on the menu today. One of her specialties.

"Oh ohayo Kaineko." Mama gave me her cheery smile that she has every morning. She's a morning person.

"Ohayo Mama!" I was going to greet her when heard the TV on in the other room. Oh! I quickly ran to the living room and saw him watching the morning news and eating a plate of waffles. "Soshi!!" Soshi turned to my call.

"Ohayo Kaineko." He ushered me over. I rushed over to him and hopped onto the empty seat next to him on the couch. "You really cheery this morning."

"All because I get to see you." He smiled at me and started petting me on my favorite spot. Oh did I mention that I was a cat and Soshi is my owner.

Mama bought me for him when he was started high school at Hakubo High. It's a famous all boy's school that he chose to go to. There's nothing really special about the school but he has a slight problem about co-ed schools. He's not good around girls. I mean he doesn't have a hard time getting them because he's extremely gorgeous. He has medium length brown hair and baby blue eyes. Track and field has given him the athletic/fit body and he comes in at five foot nine inches. Girl's swoon over him so he's always the talk of the school. But he's extremely girl shy and you can say he kind of gets a little ill if one touches him. He doesn't faint but he comes close to it.

"Are you hungry Kaineko?" I almost completely forgot about my stomach. I then heard it slightly growl.

"Yes please!" Oh and Soshi can't really hear want I'm saying. Humans can't understand our language. To them it's more like a bunch of meowing but that's ok. I think he understands me no matter what.

We heading to the kitchen and he opened up a can of my favorite cat food. I sniffed in the delicious aroma. Salmon smells so good. Once it was in my bowl I started chowing away. He also poured me some milk. He knows me too well.

While I ate he helped his mother clean the dishes and tidy up the kitchen. He was really good to Mama because a couple years ago Papa died in a car crash coming home from work. I never really got to meet Papa because I came after he was gone. I think Mama got me to comfort Soshi. I've been with him for three years now and everything seems better than it was when I first came here.

Soshi wasn't actually happy when I came. He barely ever petted me or even acknowledge me. He always seemed sad and it made Mama sad too. I was only a kitten but I knew something was wrong and I needed to fix it. So I made a daily routine to try to help Mama and Soshi. Every morning I would come and wake Soshi up for school. At first he didn't like that at all. During the beginning of the school year he would skip school and sleep the day away. That made Mama sad. As a cat I wouldn't have minded that but I needed to make him happy and Mama no matter what. After about three weeks my routine finally started to work and he didn't mind me waking him up in the morning. We'd eat breakfast together, watch some early TV, and then he'd head out to school. I'd wait patiently for him and comfort Mama while he was away. Once he'd come home we would just spend time together, work on homework, watch a movie then take a bath together before dinner. After dinner we'd kiss Mama goodnight and head to bed. My spot is on his right shoulder curled up next to his head.

It's been three years since that first really happy night together. Soshi is really busy with studying for his College entry exams. He's going to the local college so he can stay close to Mama. Soshi is Mama's only child and Mama gets sad sometimes when he gone for a long while. I try to comfort her as much as I can.

"Let's go get ready Kaineko." He was just finishing drying his hands.

"Yup!" I hopped down from the counter and started up the stairs ahead of him. Today is an exciting day. For Soshi's day off we're heading to the open market for some shopping. Open markets don't have rules about no pets so Mama and Soshi love to bring me with them.

After Soshi finished getting ready and Mama gave my silver fur a good brushing we were all ready to head out the door.

The market wasn't too far away so we decided to ride the bikes there. Mama had her bike and I rode with Soshi on his. I got the front seat in the basket. The weather was wonderful today. The leaves were just beginning to change their colors and the weather was getting colder by the weeks. Mama and Soshi wore light sweaters but my fur kept me warm.

It wasn't long till we made it to the market. Mama and Soshi locked up their bikes and then we all started for the market.

The market was extremely busy today. People were bustling about everywhere. Good thing Soshi was holding me or I'd be lost within seconds. We then found the source for the reason why there were so many people here. There was a poster on one of the light poles.

"There's a festival tonight! How wonderful!" Mama really enjoyed night festivals. She got to get all dolled up and also she loved fireworks. Tonight they're celebrating the beginning of the fall season.

"Would you like to go kaa-san?" Mama's eyes lit up and she gave Soshi a big hug.

"Can I go?" I looked up to Mama and Soshi.

"I think Kaineko wants to go too." Mama came down to me and scratched behind my ears. "You want to come too?"

"Yes please Mama." Mama giggled.

"Soshi?" Both me and Mama looked at Soshi.

"Of course Kaineko can come." Me and Mama cheered in joy. I couldn't wait till tonight.

"So Soshi is going to the festival tonight as well." A deep familiar voice came from behind. I could recognize that voice and smell of cheap cologne anywhere. The fur on my back stood up as the Villain came closer.

"Kurohiko. Funny meeting you here." Soshi was always to nice to him.

"Yeah just buying some things for a party tonight." Kurohiko held up a large bag filled with food. Then Mama made a noise by clearing her throat.

"Oh I'm sorry this is my mother Nodoka Hitomi." Soshi held his hand toward Mama. "Kaa-san this is a classmate from school, Otenki Kurohiko."

"It's a pleasure to meet the mother of Soshi." The Villain held out his hand to Mama and she returned with hers. He was starting to get too friendly with Mama and I wasn't liking it. Then he lowered his head to Mama's hand. Oh no! He's not going to place his evil lips on my Mama's hand.

I was so quick that no one noticed my movement till the Villain shot up and cried in pain.

"What the hell?!" The Villain checked to see if there was blood coming from his new wound at the corner of his upper lip. He was bleeding and it made me happy. "Your stupid cat sliced my lip open."

"I'm sorry Kurohiko." Soshi looked down at me. If only he could see the smile on my face. "I don't know what got into Kaineko." Mama pulled out a tissue from her purse and handed it to the Villain.

"I've never seen Kaineko attack anyone." And it's true that I've never attacked anyone though this isn't the first time that I've wanted to claw the Villain.

During days when Soshi was at school and Mama went out to do errands I would sneak out and go see Soshi at school. After a couple of times seeing him I knew when to leave to see him during his lunch time. That's where I meet the Villain. They were having lunch together under Soshi's normal spot and there was something in his green eyes that I didn't like. Every day since that day he was always there with that same look.

"Well I better get going." The bleeding finally ceased from his lip. "Need to get some of this stuff ready."

"Are you going to the festival tonight?" No Soshi! Why did you mention that?!

"Maybe." The Villain gave a grin that only I saw to be evil. "Will you be there?"

"Yeah. I'm going with my mother." Mama gave a happy smile.

"Then I might see you two there." With that the Villain left in the opposite direction we were going. I watched as his blonde hair slowly disappeared into the crowd.

The rest of the day was pretty quite. Both Mama and Soshi weren't happy about the way I acted. After we finished shopping and getting food for tonight's dinner we rode home. They happily chatted about tonight's festival. I got a couple pets from Mama but nothing from Soshi. I jumped out of the basket and followed them inside.

While Mama prepared dinner Soshi went upstairs to try and finish some homework for school tomorrow. I followed him up and when he was sitting at his desk I rubbed on his leg.

"Soshi don't be mad at me." He looked down at me. I tried looking as cute as I could hoping to get his forgiveness. It worked.

"I just can't stay mad at you." He picked me up and caressed my sliver fur. I purred as loudly as I could to show him that I was happy. "But why would you do something like that?"

"Because he's evil." But I knew he couldn't hear what I was saying.

After a bit Soshi was able to finish his work just before Mama called us down for dinner. She even made something for me.

Dinner was wonderful and we were all ready to go. Suddenly the door bell rang.

"I wonder who that could be." Soshi went to the front door and opened it up. "Kurohiko." What?! What's the Villain doing here and how did he know where we lived? "What are you doing here?"

"Well I thought I'd accompany you two to the festival." The Villain tried to enter the house but I rushed over and hissed at him. He looked down and glared at me. Mama came over and picked me up.

"Sorry about her." I calmed down in her arms. "I think it's better if you don't come in."

"That sounds fine." The Villain backed away from the door.

"How did you know where I lived?" Good question Soshi.

"You mentioned before that you lived in this area and also I checked the phone book." Mama and Soshi did the Ah expression.

"Well you actually made perfect timing because we were just leaving." The Villains eyes perked up making me angrier. Soshi looked to me.

"I think it's better that we leave Kaineko here though." What?! But Soshi said I could go. I tried whining to him and Mama, which was a lot of meowing.

"Your right." I looked to Mama. "It seems she doesn't like you Kurohiko and I don't want to inconvenience you."

"I would like to spend the rest of the day without any more injuries." The Villain touched the spot where I injured him early today.

"Then we better head out now." Mama set me down and everyone headed to the door. I tried to follow but Soshi stopped me.

"No Kaineko. You need to stay home today." Soshi scratched me under the chin then headed back to the door.

"But you said I could come." It was too late. The doors was already closed and locked and I was left behind. All because of the EVIL VILLAIN! I need to get out and follow them. Soshi and Mama aren't safe with him. Good thing I knew how to escape.

I quickly ran to the upstairs bathroom. I jumped onto the bathtub then the bathroom window. It's the smallest window in the house but big enough that I can escape from. Using my claw I undid the latch and slipped out the window. It wasn't a far leap to the nearby branch from the tree in the front yard. I raced down the tree and started after Soshi and Mama.

"Please be safe." I raced into the night toward the dim lights of the festival.