Warming Flames

So many fish in the sea

I was told,

But that's not what I believed.

The first time I saw you I have had warmth,

A kind of warmth that came from a tiny candle

That you ignited.

We were young, we were silly

But you always seemed so mature

So mature for a young boy.

Over the years of laughing,


And getting to know you,

The tiny candle you lit became a torch

To a bonfire

To a house-fire

To a wildfire.

These were not flames of rage nor anger

But the flames of something much more.

Something that maybe my family, friends or you

Could ever understand.

He is the oxygen, the gas,

The fuel that makes my flames burn so.

Without him, my flames would die out

And I would be nothing

But ash and smoke.

My entire energy would be smothered

Without him to fuel it.

If he were to be shot

I would throw myself in front of him

Because my love for him burns

Hotter than the sun

Warmer than a supernova

Than a gamma ray.

As I write this my fiery passion grows even

More powerful now.

The way he talks





Or gazes

Makes my burning flames rise

In a uncontrollable

Rushing way.

If you see this my love

I want you to know

That you

Are the fuel to my


Warming flames

For my undying

And strict love

For only you.

I hope you read this my darling…