Kindle stared at the rain drops as they softly clashed against the window. It was days like this that brought out the worst in him. He unknowingly rolled the pencil across the desk his fingers seemingly magnetic as he never laid a hand on it. Thoughts raced quickly through his head as he closed his eyes and began to drift to sleep. A sudden slap of the desk quickly awoke him and he stared down at the pencil which was now split in two. He turned his attention to his best friend Cedric who had an uneasy look on his face. "You know you're not allowed to do any kind of magic in front of the 'Norms'."

"Is everything alright back there?" Kindle nodded knowingly at the teacher shoving the broken pencil into his backpack and retrieving a new one. It seemed that this day would never end and Kindle was getting anxious. He threw his hand up much to Ced's dismay. "Yes Mr. Etzweiler?"

"Can I be excused please?" The teacher sighed and signaled for him to make his exit quickly and quietly. Kindle grabbed his bag and scuffled out of the classroom making his way to the nearest restroom. He slowly opened the door, a small creak erupting from it's hinges. "Anyone in here?" The only voice he heard was his own echoing back at him. He threw his bag violently against the wall turning on the faucet and letting the water run cold. After giving his neck a few cracks he leaned over the sink, cupping his hands beneath the water and holding it in his hands. He splashed the ice cold water onto his face gasping for air as he felt it enter into his nose and mouth.

"What is with you today?" Cedric grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and handed them to Kindle who was coughing uncontrollably. "Take a breath and pull yourself together." Cedric began to pace about the bathroom. "I thought you gave up magic?"

Kindle finished wiping his face, throwing the used paper towels into the trash. "I have given up magic."

"Well that little pencil trick you were doing earlier proved otherwise."

"IT JUST HAPPENED O.K.?" Cedric jumped at the sudden raise in Kindle's voice.

Cedric sighed and walked over standing next to him as they both gazed into the mirror before them. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you alright? It's just that I was sent to protect you and if any of those god damn 'Norms' would have seen that they would have thrown a bloody fit and…" He stopped. "Let's just try to control ourselves hmm? No more magically rolling pencils eh?"

Kindle smiled gently as he grabbed his bag and threw open the door not knowing someone had been listening in on their conversation. He watched the blonde haired girl fall back onto the ground. A sudden anger seemed to fill Cedric as he pushed his way past him and grabbed the girl by the collar lifting her off of the ground. "Cedric what are you doing!?" He pushed Cedric's shoulder back staring into his hate filled eyes. "What are you doing?"

Cedric took a breath before lowering her onto her feet his eyes meeting hers. His demeanor almost seemed to change immediately. "Come on Kindle we better hurry before Mr. Abrams wonders what happened to us."

He grabbed Kindle by his coat sleeve signaling for him to hurry as he quickly raced back to class. "Don't you know it's rude to listen in on people's conversations?"

The girl smirked at him as she collected herself. "Don't you know it's rude to keep secrets?" Kindle sneered at her snide remark before finally moving past her and heading back to class with Cedric. There was to be not a single word spoken between them for the remainder of the day.